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How is 12b pvp ?

pjohnny1pjohnny1 Member Posts: 89 Arc User
I play on console so was curious to hear first impressions on 12b pvp with all the changes . Know it has been only couple days , but usually only takes a day or 2 to get a feel for it . Any surprises in the way of class performance ? Has damage increased significantly ? How CC dr is working ? Might be to soon to ask but was wondering if population looked like it increased ?


  • callidus1986callidus1986 Member Posts: 20 Arc User
    12 B for PvP is balanced yes ... but cost off destroying 1 class... no more DCs around + everytime TRs and Gfs every macth ... game PvP good but nerfing HEALING 100% ( 75% base nerf+ shadowtouch 25%) and enpowered AS making useless who cares about healing cause you cant heal .. gg developers
  • callidus1986callidus1986 Member Posts: 20 Arc User
    for example then in Pvp Bastion of health heals 3 to 4 k healing and enpowered 7 - 8 k good luck to survive
  • nezdin#5514 nezdin Member Posts: 259 Arc User
    edited October 2017
    I play a DC and a CW. My DC is much better equipped than my CW (I pulled all the offence enchants off my CW to put on my DC), so my CW has near to no offensive enchants, and poor defensive ones too.

    My CW is substantially tankier than my DC (and my DC has Valhalla too; my CW has Valindra), does a lot more burst damage and I can kill players than I could not before. Its CC is still extremely useful since, when if you use it strategically and combine it with burst, you can take out large swaths of the enemy's HP. Of course, as others have mentioned I am very vulnerable against other classes.

    My DC on the other hand seems to be a mess. Comparatively to my CW, my DC-DPS spec has very poor damage (and I can reach around 160 Resistance Ignored, which my CW cannot) and cannot survive the large bursts that other classes are capable of delivering. The healer spec is arguably even worse since it cannot protect itself sufficiently to deliver the heals it is supposed to deliver.
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    Nezdin (DC)
    Aelan Icebleed (CW)
  • callidus1986callidus1986 Member Posts: 20 Arc User
    Mod 12.b Balance PvP is balanced but what they did to DCs it pure mess i agree you play as support class and cant do anything no DPS no heals no survival...
  • pjohnny1pjohnny1 Member Posts: 89 Arc User

    Surprised to hear your CW is tankier than your DC , guess shield is the reason for this . Which classes are you having more success against as a CW that you weren't before 12b ?

    I am kind of bummed to hear that the healing is awful on DC . I guess I hoped that a healing spec would be worth playing . Although from the way you describe DC survivability not sure how you can heal when you can't stay alive .
  • callidus1986callidus1986 Member Posts: 20 Arc User
    30 k Power ... Dc nerfed to grow ....
  • pjohnny1pjohnny1 Member Posts: 89 Arc User
    etelgrin said:

    for example then in Pvp Bastion of health heals 3 to 4 k healing and enpowered 7 - 8 k good luck to survive

    Maybe its because you have low base weapon damage and 12k power?
    LOL does your pointing out weapon damage and his power level invalid what he is saying ? Healing from DC before 12b came out wasn't spectacular to begin with . The capstone from faithful was the only really good thing . Virt is just straight up terrible, not even sure they could heal thru weapon and boon damage procs. You can have a BIS DC with 40k power and highest base weapon and heal 10X the numbers above , still not healing thru burst damage that is higher than burst healing . Besides the fact of you can't heal when your dead .
  • miyanaamiyanaa Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 72 Arc User
    I havent tried PvP after new changes yet, but I dont know..
    I used to play Faithful for many, many mods cause it was what DC should be in PvP, but I changed to Righteous for past 2 mods or something, 0 heals and almost no damage too, was only buff + AP gain build.
    And sure I wasnt as tanky as with Faithful, but I wasnt as squishy as people make it sound like now...?

    Healing was waaaaaaayy too OP from a DC in PvP, that + AS. I think nerf to AS was enough, not sure why they nerfed heals that much though...
    The insignias were main problem to begin with.

    I think the main issue is that DCs relied on AS and heals too much. Not dodging when needed and not even using BtS to debuff the dmg... how do you want to stay alive vs GFs or so if you dont debuff them?
    Also stacking totally wrong stats like defense. Theres so many things people do wrong and they expect to be immortal.

    Im sure difference is huge now, I will probably be surprised once I try it too.
    But DCs used to be extremely squishy in the past too, and we managed to be useful in PvP anyways, just takes time to get used to it, change our playstyle once again.
    PvP DC ~ Meep Neox
  • pindaoppindaop Member Posts: 117 Arc User
    I didnt play much but all in all its better, the solo q one at least.
    One thing that i hate is lvl 60 has no solo q.
    Which makes me a bit mad.... yeah i said it.

  • pjohnny1pjohnny1 Member Posts: 89 Arc User

    Devo healing is way easier and better than DC healing . Much better instant aoe heals and best single target heal in the game . Devo don't have people dodging/shift out of ground targeted heals either . DEVO and DC are so vastly different in the way that they heal . All astral shield is now is a slight reduction in damage , burst classes won't even know its even there anymore. As for you not noticing a change in healing on DC or DEVO don't know how it could be the same as before 12b .
  • nezdin#5514 nezdin Member Posts: 259 Arc User
    edited October 2017
    Yes CW's shield shines in pvp right now, feytouched and since the cc nerf other options than EB gain value. Surprisingly, I would say that I can deal more damage to a GF, SW and HR, depending on their spec; but it also may be due to the fact that after gaining cc immunity against a trapper, you have more freedom to land your bursty combo. Don't forget the increased damage from crits in this mod too. Of course, a GF's combo is still sufficient to send me to the grave.
    pjohnny1 said:

    Devo healing is way easier and better than DC healing .

    That is spot on. From what I have seen Devo pally heals way better; lay on hands (daily that heals 100% of HP) has become extremely useful and they are generally very tanky themselves.

    Of course you can still be useful to your team as a Righteous DC if buffing is all you want to do. But my impression is that the devs want to make pvp more of a "killed or get killed" kind of place. So, in a world where burst DPS is king, the DPS-path imo is sub-par. Since DoTs are our thing and this won't change, perhaps they should compensate Righteous DCs with more survivability somehow.

    Oh, and as others have mentioned here and elsewhere, some classes are ridiculously over-performing. Perhaps if they balanced the classes with pvp in mind, then the above would be less relevant.

    Nezdin (DC)
    Aelan Icebleed (CW)
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