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The Design of Armors in the game

jade1280jade1280 Member Posts: 174 Arc User
I cannot stay quiet on this anymore they are ridiculous even for a fantasy game many of the armors are the same 5 models (before you get to the late campaign specific sets) that just have various pieces cut out of them.

Why do i not need to protect my left nipple at level 45 when i do not need to protect my gut from gut stabbing orcs at level 12? Absolute madness is what it is.

Sure you level quick and if you arnt in a long term realtionship with the game why should you care but still this is something that has bothered me for the 2 and something years i have been here. It does feel good to complain openly but serious guys...what the heck.


  • miyanaamiyanaa Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 72 Arc User
    I agree, armor in NW is just...yeah. Not much to choose from when it comes to gear transmutes either :(
    PvP DC ~ Meep Neox
  • w00trandomsnoobiw00trandomsnoobi Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 387 Arc User
    I don't like the flappy apron-like bits on everything and the pointy bits on shoulders that cut into my head. On the other hand I feel like I should be thankful that the female armor isn't mostly just tin cans and bits of string (like there are some that actually look protective). Although I cringe whenever I see poor Xuna, who has clearly marked insert-knife-here-for-max-damage spots in her um, clothing.
  • preechr#2215 preechr Member Posts: 488 Arc User
    Most of my toons have their armor transmuted to look like very low level armor, as it seems everything after level 20-30 just gets more and more ridiculous with the shoulders... at least until you get up to Mastercrafted gear for some classes

    I've pretty much given up on my female CW... A wizard should be able to have an open robe with a hood, not a blouse and skirt, and not combat walk like a scurvy ridden sailor zombie

    ...and yes, the loincloths and aprons on nearly everything are just out of control

    It seems the way armor gets improved in Neverwinter is by just adding more and more bulky junk to it

    In the real world, better armor is made of better materials and gets lighter, less encumbersome and more flexible... as well as just generally better looking

    While we do get many choices for gear and fashion pieces, there really aren't all that many that are actually good looking, which is a shame... I have managed to outfit each class attractively, at least to me and with the exception of my CW, but I feel like I'm kind of stuck now
  • bearlyhooman#2450 bearlyhooman Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    Just started playing, but I agree. Everyone in the end ends up wearing the same stuff
  • locksanpocketslocksanpockets Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 111 Arc User
    Let me design the armor. I will guarantee a great AD dump due to increased transmute rates. Vastly increased transmute rates.

    The idea is simple: Make the level 1 professions armor the best looking armor in the game and they'll transmute it more than any other armor. The guidelines are simple too: Keep it simple, skimpy, and sexy.

    And while we're at it, let me run the Zen Market. I'll use it to triple the number of players we have and increase cash revenue x10.
  • rjc9000rjc9000 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,403 Arc User
    In the Forgotten Realms universe, don't the Drow prefer... lacking... attire as to announce their magic ability (Ie, I'm so good with magic that I can wear literally nothing protective and kick your ***)?

    (Calls in resident loremaster @zebular).

    If that's the case, you can headcanon that Drow tailors are apparently in season...

  • mysteriasdrassamysteriasdrassa Member Posts: 299 Arc User
    Have to agree.. DDO had/has much better looking high level transmutes... as in "I'm so bad <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> that I can wear hardly anything AND look good while I kick your unholy <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font>"
  • aftershafteraftershafter Member Posts: 156 Arc User
    Meh, this is one of those "can't please everyone" situations. The armor is too minimalist? "It needs to look cooler - more bells and whistles!" The armor is given all sorts of stylistic element? "It looks gaudy and not-functional - this person is a warrior, not a parade float." The armor shows too much skin? "This is sexist and non-functional." The armor shows not enough skin? "It's all good and fine to be realistic, but this is a video game - I want to see something nice to look at." The armor goes for some kind of middle ground? "It all kind of looks the same and is rather boring..."

    They really can't win this. Every single thing that has been suggested here would have someone complaining about it just like we're complaining about the status quo now.

    My thoughts? Yeah, I'd like it to be different, but it's good enough. The WoW approach of having every piece of armor look like a parade day float didn't appeal to me, minimalist approaches are boring even if more realistic, and I'm happy enough with what we have.
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