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hi guys i wish know which is the drop rings +5 from hunts yesterday one friend and i hunt 3 spliti and dropped only rings +1 y +2 now this morning i do 5 hunts spli-ti and dropped rings +1 and +2 this seems bad how many preserved hearts i should do by see at least 1 ring +4 epic if legendary +5 will be unreachable ?


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    I take it you are new and haven't had the pleasure of doing underdark skirmishs and CN for those +5 rings. It's like winning the lottery. Don't drive yourself crazy over it.
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    Are the rings from these hunts account bound?
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    dairyzeus said:

    Are the rings from these hunts account bound?

    The +3 and up are BtA. I'm not sure if the +1 and +2 rings from hunts are BoE, but I can confirm the +1 and +2 rings from digging up Chult treasures are BoE while epic items are BtA.
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    I got 2x +5 rings so far. Both of undead slayer. One from spli-ti, the other one form t2 zulkir hunt. Both on the same day so i guess i must have pleased the almighty rng gods somehow. Well over 100 hunts since mod release. Yet to do t3 ones though. +5 rings supposed to have better chances. Better by cryptic standards anyway =) Some of the alliance members pulled beastslayer + 5s form t1s.