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Developer Q&A Stream - Question Thread

nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,326 Community Manager
edited August 2017 in News & Announcements
Hail adventurers!

On Thursday, August 17 at 11am PT we will be streaming a Developer Q&A with Systems Designer Robert Gutschera. While the stream will be live, we want to make sure we have time to address questions in a more organized fashion so use this thread to leave your question/s! Please format your questions in an succinct manner, with multiple questions (if applicable) clearly presented. This will help us get to the core points much quicker and increase the chances of answering.

What kind of questions can I ask?
As Lead Systems Designer, Robert oversees the systems design team that focuses on how the content will work in terms of stats, rewards, mechanics, matchmaking, scoring, etc. For examples of these topics, you can check out a number of feedback threads from @rgutscheradev.

Posting here does not guarantee your question will be answered. We will try to get to as many as possible during the stream but there will also be a Reddit AMA on 8/22 (more info will be posted on the forums about this next week) for additional question opportunities.

This thread will be closed at 6pm PT Monday 7/14 to give us time to review prior to the stream on 8/17.



  • torontodavetorontodave Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 992 Arc User
    Will there ever be rewards for playing the foundry? Foundry-a-day key? Foundry campaign?
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  • darthtzarrdarthtzarr Member Posts: 1,003 Arc User
    edited August 2017
    The DC feat Living Fire was reworked during the DC rework, and is now set to only activate once when below 30% HP. The buff isn't very significant for a DC, and the condition seems nearly impossible to activate efficiently. If it is meant as a last ditch effort, 25% more damage won't save your life, and even less likely will you survive enough damage to use this buff.

    So, what is the intended purpose of this feat? How do you see it being used in-game, and why are the numbers tuned to a place that seems impossible to use. Aren't most feats supposed to be a fairly consistent part of your play?

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  • cilginordekcilginordek Member Posts: 459 Arc User
    Will something be done about PVP Campaign? It's impossible to find matches for Gauntlgrym and all the rewards from the campaign is also pretty much obsolete. Purple rings aren't even salvagable.

  • mafiadelperro#8853 mafiadelperro Member Posts: 56 Arc User
    In a near future TRs will be able to proc weapon enchantment with smoke bomb or get a fix on those issues that we loose damage like when the bleed been reapply? loool
  • maxthakillamaxthakilla Member Posts: 22 Arc User
    edited August 2017
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  • varixo#7114 varixo Member Posts: 16 Arc User
    When will be loyal (Loyal Avegner, Master, Defender etc.) items available in the game such as in lockboxes
  • darthtzarrdarthtzarr Member Posts: 1,003 Arc User
    edited August 2017
    What was the design decision behind not putting power on DC chest pieces for the primal set? When a class scales solely off of power, why was their "better" gear not given the main stat they need to function? They cannot share power with their allies if they don't have any.

    This makes Vivified Relic Restoration or the new 3-star Rex gear best in slot for the cleric chest piece. The stat distributions given to the Relic Restoration set were perfect (or nearly so), so why was a different distribution chosen?

    A similar question can also be asked about the Primal Raid and Primal Restoration gloves which seem to have their names reversed for the functions they fill.

    Here is an example of BiS AC DC gear after mod 12 http://imgur.com/a/QsFPl
    note that only one primal piece is actually best in slot

    If you exclude hunt gear http://imgur.com/a/CfqEA
    note that more primal pieces still don't enter the realm of usefulness for AC DC
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  • treesclimbertreesclimber Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,161 Arc User
    edited August 2017
    Ok, i will try not to be excessively long.

    1. The viability of certain paths is seriously problematic, specially for such a small game in terms of power alternatives. As a player starting to play neverwinter i would expect that picking up a path and be able to maintain it without prejudicing my team even in endgame, well that's far from the reality. Can we expect changes to this in the next year?

    2. The superiority of bonding runestones when compared to other runestones, even as a feated low dps character if i want to deal more damage, i will not get a striker companion and slot offensive runestones but yes focus on my character getting the most stats and many companions are not even put in the list of "use me" because of their incapability to trigger companion gift. So is this the behavior we should accept or will companions fill their real purpose in the future and not only be used as "gifting slaves"?

    3. Anything planned to make damage multipliers not multiplied each time one is applied but yes based on the root damage so they are more in line with debuffs/DR buffs?

  • mightyfalcon#9883 mightyfalcon Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Its been ages guys....are u all gonna fix the aboleth bug ?????
  • eion311eion311 Member Posts: 338 Arc User
    Are there any plans on getting rid of the ancient system of marks falling off targets once they hit the tank.
  • zebularzebular Member, Neverwinter Moderator, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 15,270 Community Moderator
    edited August 2017
    Here's some questions that were sent to me via Discord chat from the Community:
    • With the recent change to the trickster class: Shadow of Demise, are you aware that in PvP the change made SoD too powerful since even if you dodge or have immunity frames for the Normal Hits, you cannot mitigate the pre-mitigation damage that comes from the Normal Hits, and they are stacking for the Shadow of Demise damage at the end, making Dodge redundant? Shouldn't Dodge/immunity frames make you truly immune to both After and Pre-mitigation damage , basically decreasing the damage to 0 (0) ?
    • Can you explain us more about the new formula for critical resistance/critical severity from Tenacity, how will it be and if it's possible to make Lifesteal Severity and Deflect Severity less effective in PvP as well? Example 100% lifesteal severity would be 50% lifesteal severity and 50% deflect severity would be 25% deflect severity.
    • Would not the removal of Armor Penetration "Resistance/Armor Pen is less effective," close the gap bridge between PvE and PvP players Stats? If the damage is to high with the removal of "Armor pen less effective," it can be tonned down using Tenacity Damage resistance/Players take less damage by a value of 70% or 80% instead of 40%.
    • When will the Great Weapon Fighter be getting a rework? The reason is that for the past 2 years the only playable paragon feat has been Destroyer, when can we get a rework for Instigator and Sentinel to have them viable, if so a lot of us desire to see Sentinel to be able to Tank, and if it's possible to get our Atwill Reaping Strike changed with a Parrying Atwill that can block incoming damage. There are a lot of more suggestions to make GWF have more diversity. Also there are a lot of Powers: Encounters, Class features, and Feats that do not work. If I were to sum them all there are 80% of them that do not work, by default the class lacks diversity, but I cannot say anything about the output damage since Destroyer excels greatly, but Damage is the only contribution Great Weapon fighters have.
    • Do you think that the Neverwinter Gameplay and Combat mechanics can offer a Competitive Scene in PvP, similar to Guilds Wars 2 or WoW? Would you like to see something like this with Neverwinter, this means more work for you towards Class Balance.
    • Is it possible that whenever you guys are creating new items to the game, could you take in consideration their consequences they might have into PvP? I can give you 3 examples so far of 3 items that ruined PvP game mechanics: Drains, the legendary Ambush Ring , and the newly Ring of the Curse Bringer released with module 12. The use of them only creates a toxic environment between those that consider these items anti-fair play and those that would use anything to have an upperhand above others.
    • With the addition of the PvP Private Queue, would it be too much to ask for a Spectator mode, so that we can organize Championships and have them Streamed, perhaps we could get the Community Managers involved and create Pro League like other MMORPG games have (again this would result into more work into class balancing).
    • I hope that you will never take in consideration bringing diminishing returns on stats like Pre-Module 6. I believe that was a faulty design. The Stats curves are perfect how they are now. If you ever consider that Power Creep is an issue, this can only be noticed in PvE with the companions that have bondings slotted, but not in PvP where companions should not be allowed or with those players that cannot afford bondings.
    • There are players that far exceeded their class in terms of understanding the ins and outs of the class. Would it ever be possible to have a One-on-One talk with these players on one of the Apps: Discord or Skype, having them suggesting on how some of the things with the class would be nice to work? I understand that there is the forum, but forum is public to everyone which means that a proper feedback can be buried deep down and never to be read or responded by a developer. I am pretty sure there are a lot of players that would love to discuss this and their intention wouldn't be to influence their class to be the FOTM. Most likely, it will just be a constructive discussion, where both sides can learn from each other. Think something along the line of, "A class advocate that discusses issues and ideas and can chat with the developer about the class." A lot of good ideas and perhaps a lot of easy tweaks can come up from this interaction.
    (Questions edited for spelling, grammar, and punctuation)
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  • darthtzarrdarthtzarr Member Posts: 1,003 Arc User
    Is Paladin the only class designed to fill different roles depending on build? I know that Paladin has different queue rules based on paragon path, but is this a possible design direction for other classes? Are other classes "allowed" to fill other roles as long as they don't fill more than one role at the same time?

    For example, is a DPS Guardian Fighter, Healer Scourge Warlock, or Tank Great Weapon Fighter outside the acceptable for Neverwinter? When a class is given a sub-role (such as Conqueror GF, Sentinel GWF, and Temptation SW), are they supposed to be a half-n-half between the roles, or could they fully fill those roles, assuming they lost all benefits of their primary role?

    If it is acceptable, are there any plans to allow these hybrid or pure role swaps the option to queue for their correct roles?

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  • trentbail21trentbail21 Member Posts: 433 Arc User
    1. Can we get some input on when the GF rework is coming? mod 12.5 or 13?
    2. Can we get some input on the GWF rework is coming out? It was said like a year ago and we really haven't heard much since I know your trying to make GWF's and GF's different but how?
    3. When do you plan on moving tenacity to the character instead of the armor?
    4. Can we get a random teams button in private pvp ques?
    5. Is it possible that we could utilize the mantol-derith transmute shop a bit more? Like putting the old profound/ draconic Templar and other armor sets/weapons in there?
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  • darthtzarrdarthtzarr Member Posts: 1,003 Arc User
    edited August 2017
    Will we ever see dungeon challenges (like the traps in Tomb) that are combat focused, or have classes that are better at them? For example, will we see challenges involving picking locks or sneaking past enemies for TR, blocking attacker shots for tanks, protect a prisoner from an attacker from controllers and or healers, guarding a location for point defenders like HR and CW, run across a breaking bridge for GWF or SW etc etc. These mini games were great fun, but they seemed almost in disconnect from the game (or at least the class system). Are their plans to continue these? Are there plans for them to be class specific, or class advantaged?

    Are classes already considered for each segment of a dungeon for which class is good at what aspect of it? For example, were the HR and CW classes thought of specifically when the Trolls section of Fangbreaker Island was designed, since they have small advantages in the area of point defense?

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  • dandeloreondandeloreon Member Posts: 32 Arc User
    edited August 2017
    I Have a couple of questions with varying degrees of Complexity/difficulty...
    • Will the game ever Support Mac OSX or Linux? I know that most of the development work can be completed on a system running Windows using cross platform libraries.
    • Will SteamOS ever get support? For the most part this has a lot less validation compared to say Playstation 4 and Xbox one ports.
    • Any chance that Items that are currently Bind to Character ( on equip) to Bind to Account (on Equip). I believe that Bags of Holding ( all non-quest item versions), Event Items (Mounts mainly), and Lock Box Mounts are a good idea for this.
    • Is there any chance to allow vendors in the Guild stronghold to allow purchasing gear for other classes? This will greatly simplify preparing characters for level 70 content and greatly increase guild contributions.
    • Chests in level match areas do not give gear appropriate for the Character that opens the chest. Is there any chance to fix these chests to drop level appropriate items for the character that opens the chest? For example chests in non-epic dungeons drop level 70 gear/items for level 70 characters.
  • godlike#5826 godlike Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Is this game cross platform compatible?
  • astrotiger5astrotiger5 Member Posts: 157 Arc User
    Want is future mode under development....is the Greek/Egyptian mode.......Chinese/Japanese mode!?
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