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My Iron Vanguard Protector Build, feedback wanted!

wilbur626wilbur626 Member Posts: 907 Arc User

Would really appreciate if some of you proper pro guardian fighters took your time to read my build and give feedback on it ;


Elite Whaleboy


  • cilginordekcilginordek Member Posts: 459 Arc User
    I stopped reading after you said you're putting points on INT.
    Wouldn't it be better if you put your points in DEX, and save on having to stack arpen and deflect higher, and with those saved points stack more recovery?
  • hypervoreianhypervoreian Member Posts: 1,036 Arc User
    hi Wilbur

    "if some of you proper pro guardian fighters" ... :/ by asking feedback only by the elite,maybe you lost some responses.
    I do not belong on the above definition of players,but i saw how much work you put into your build,and i will do my best to give the feedback I can.

    About Con ,Dex and iNT: I agree with con and dex ,not so much for Int,cause i do not have knowledge of the extreme recovery builds that were running full INT in late mod7 untill the ITF nerf.
    In any case it is interesting to see a GF running something different; and in the end ,one point here and one point there does not make a huge difference.

    About Ap gain ,and such stats: I disagree i think the stat curve becomes very steep at around 800,no need to go over that.1000-1200 is overkill and wasted stats.

    For recovery : 10k is overkill,just my humbe opinion.You can do fine with 6k+
    In endgame Dcs and OPs will fortify your recharge speed with encounters and auras.

    The rest are agree with all :)

    As for your final stats,unless you are seriously into pvp ,your RI is overkill.

    Switching mount bonus to LS or something else i think it would be more beneficial.


    A very interesting and unique build :) ,very nice to share!!! Nice! :)

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