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[Campaign] The Dweomerkeepers

zebularzebular Member, Neverwinter Moderator, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 15,270 Community Moderator
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The Dweomerkeepers
Campaign Short Code: NWS-DKPPXGRS7
Author: @zebular

Well met, adventurers!

I hear rumors have begun to spread after the discovery of a Mystrallan structure in the Neverwinter Wood! These rumors weave tales of a lost Temple of Mystra and a band of drow followers of Lolth somewhere within the Wood. Intrigued are you now? Hmm, well this structure may hold clues to the Temple's location, as Cleric Millan believes... indeed. The Cleric of Lurue has set about to hire adventurers in hopes at unraveling these Mysteries, you should go seek him in Protector's Enclave, indeed.

Safe Travels,
~Archmage Zebular of Mystryl

Campaign Type: Lore, Story
Amount of Combat: Low to Heavy

NOTE: This is a series of 8 planned Missions. The first four are available to experience. This Campaign is based off of a long running adventure from my very own Paper & Pencil Campaign. Major NPCs, as well as even some minor ones, are all custom creations from my D&D Campaign that I have been running since 1993. Thanks and enjoy!

Update Notes, 07/21/17: Bug Fixes, Placeholders filled, New Costumes for some NPCs, and Dialog Updates reflecting Mystra's return in 5th Edition.

Additional Notes: This Campaign was originally published back in the very early days of the game. The first mission, A Discovery in Neverwinter Wood, has been featured twice. This means that you will see two instances of this first Mission. One that is stand-alone and one that is nestled in the Campaign with the following missions. Please do know that the one that is stand-alone is the featured one and cannot be updated or edited. I strongly suggest to play the one within the Campaign itself, as it has been revamped and updated many times since it was featured.

This is the second thread for this campaign. You can find the original thread for this campaign here.

On Acts V through VIII, I have once again begun working on Act V. As I work most days of the week, please be patient as I try and find time in working on it. Below are some notes on my plans for Act V and beyond.

The Future - Acts V through VIII:
  • Players will continue their fantastical Mystra/Selûne/Shar/Lolth related adventures in the Sword Coast regions and in and out of the planes and feywild. Act VIII will bring to a close the story arc, aligning to 5th edition timeline (post 1479 DR). It will end with a tie-in to a future Campaign that will begin sometime after 1479 DR using 5th Edition Source Material for the lore. Staying in your timeline however, can never be assured...

Unknown Timeline - Updates & Related Campaigns:
  • Continuing with updates to older missions...
    • Acts I through IV will continue to get make-overs to update any story changes and fix any minor bugs or issues. I'll still fix any gameplay breaking bugs but small lore/typo related things will have to wait.
  • The future of the Arcane Age...
    • Get lost in and experience an alternate reality where Mystryl never perished from the casting of Karsus' Avatar, while trying to find your way back to your own reality. This will be a separate campaign from Dweomerkeepers and it's Sequel but will tie into both in some fashion. This campaign will be a direct translation from my 20+ year ongoing FR Campaign, where lore and events post-Karsus' Avatar will not be cannon.
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