Cannot switch Loadouts anymore

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I cannot switch loadouts anymore, the buttons are not greyed out, and when selecting a loadout the proper fx sound is audible, however the greyish progress bar doesn't appear and nothing happens.
I have three different loadouts and tried various things to solve this without success: I went to PE, I went to various campfires in various zones, I killed myself via gm-help and tried again at a campfire and it still didn't work. I could switch loadouts on a different character though.
I hope anyone can help me with this.

edit: I also tried to relog, restart neverwinter, and tried everything before the servers went down for patching today, as well as afterward, and had still no success.

edit2: At the preview server the problem exists as well with that character after I had copied it to preview and tested.

edit3: I found a workaround by experimenting at the preview server, and it works at live too: I copied my current loadout to one of the loadouts I cannot switch to. That unlocked the previously unaccessible loadout. The downside of this is that I had to respec that loadout, and every other loadout that was locked.
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    I have the same problem, can't switch loadouts too on my cw :/ I haven't tested it on preview yet but I will do it tomorrow.
    I have the feeling that either "Endurant Permafrost" (because of the 18h cooldown, you can't switch loadouts if something is on cooldown) or the "Adorable Pocket Pet" broke the loadouts because I haven't changed anything else. Lets wait till tomorrow, maybe I can fix it by myself >.<
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    If you have items on cooldown in utility slots, which does not match utility slot items on the loadout you are trying to switch to, you can not switch. Make sure this is not the case for you.
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  • hastati96
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    so after more then 48 hours I still can't switch my loadouts. Endurant Permafrost is surely not on cooldown anymore. Maybe the cooldown isn't reduced for all loadouts, who knows ._. I summited a ticket.
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    I use endurant permafrost on my op, and switch loadout many times a day ...