Class evolution.

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I will caveat this post with saying that my experience with D&D is extremely limited and I do not know any of the editions or rules therein. However, I have seen similar techniques employed by other MMORPG's to help diversify their current class lineup without having to introduce completely new classes. In theory, this could be used in a similar fashion to how Neverwinter currently employs the two primary trees within a class itself but, more are unlocked as you reach max level or even better, become available upon completion of a campaign.

If there were additional class options or evolutions, per se, that transformed the class into something either much more specialized or just simply much different than their current iterations, I think it would help diversify the current pool of classes. Right now, if you take an honest look at the game, 95% of the base are DPS of some sort. The current atmosphere promotes the mindset that an overwhelming offense makes for the best defense.

To compound that, if there are any mishaps in a dungeon/skirmish run, the blame is immediately shifted to the remaining 5% that actually want to play a tank or healer. That can make playing those toons less and less appealing. As someone who primarily plays DPS toons myself, you could say I'm part of the problem--as I thoroughly enjoy deleting mobs/bosses from absolutely absurd damage bursts. That's fun and all but, it really requires gear with some know-how as a pose to actual team dynamics and synergy.

Back to the point; there are many examples of types of classes available from various MMORPG's out there--free to put your own D&D/Neverwinter twist on it. For instance, if a GWF were to reach level 70 and say, along with that, completed a certain campaign (Dread Ring, for instance), they could have the choice to pick another subclass such as a Dark/Shadowknight. This class would also continue to use a Great Weapon but instead of being an at-will machine, they had abilities that created auras that debuffed, did damage, added resistance, stole life, etc., along with other Dark/Necromatic abilities. This could be extended to an Oathbound Paladin, as well--allowing them to become corrupt. There are multiple different ways to approach it.

For a TR, perhaps allow a subclass of a Monk/Fighter that was popularly requested. They already have many facets about their play style that could easily be incorporated for a Monk class without having to come up with a whole new one on its own. Duelists Flurry? Perfect for a flurry of punches from a monk. Super high deflect, dodge, etc., you can see where to go from there.

For a SW, you could have them evolve into a Shaman--to be a debuff/buff machine with intense DoT's and solid heals that can be translated from the temptation tree but, more effective.

For a CW, allow them to turn into a Druid. Intense control capabilities with the ability to heal through damage, as well.

There's multiple different ways of approaching this and I'll leave it to the devs or community to consider.

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    I like this idea, and DnD does have more than enough prestige classes to support it, although, Druid would probably be a HR morph.
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    Yes, a very good idea, but the Druid is a mixture of HR and DC without bows. Toss in a quarterstaff and dirk instead of a pair of blades.
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    Not before my CW gets a staff instead of a ball floating over his shoulder.
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    I'm sure they need to run classes by Wizards of the Coast for approval. They can't just do whatever the hamster they want.