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Commissions and art trading?

akweteakwete Member Posts: 13 Arc User
edited June 2017 in Art and Fiction
It's cool that we have an art & creativity based forum, but I'm not seeing any art shops! And for such an RP-themed game, with D&D roots to boot, this really surprises me!

To clarify for those who somehow haven't seen 'em before, art shops in MMOs are where artists offer to draw art of your character (or sometimes forum signatures and the like) in exchange for in-game currency or items. Every single MMO I've played has had them, some even more than others. So, my question is, why? Is there just a shortage of artists, or a shortage of customers? Or has PW/Arc voiced somewhere that it isn't allowed? I don't see any art trade rules sticky so I dunno. Or are they all on some other Neverwinter community, like reddit or something?
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  • akweteakwete Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    Actually, while I'm on this topic, the whole art/fiction forum is pretty stale. That's a crying shame, because what I do see is good. And I we have a thriving community of creative types working on Foundry. Perhaps PW could do more to encourage the art and creative community here. The last few MMOs I've played have had regular contests, spotlights, events, rewards and incentives for artist; even chances to get your art in game in a variety of ways. I'd really love to see PW step up for it's art community too!
  • kreatyvekreatyve Member, Neverwinter Moderator, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 10,519 Community Moderator
    We do not allow for trading of any kind on the official forums, so this type of thing would not be allowed here. You would need to speak to Customer Service to see if they consider it to be 3rd-party trading.
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