Chat Filtering Too Strict

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The default profanity filter is now filtering "com" out of messages, likely to prevent bot spamming nonsense. However, it was not implemented in a user friendly way. It will now filter out the "com" in these phrases:

Welcome to the guild!
What companion do you have?
It's safe here, come quickly!
Pick up the new company gear in the stronghold.

I am all for reducing bots, but some of these phrases are nearly required for playing the game. Don't make the profanity filter useless by forcing people to disable it.


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  • shanefrazier93
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    This needs to be addressed and changed ASAP.

    I just was trying to send a help ticket about how I couldn't complete a quest, and it kept saying I couldn't send the ticket because it contained profanity!

    After lots of hair-pulling I realized it's because it had the word "complete" in it!!

    This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of!

    So I just sent them another help ticket about how I can't "cumplete" a help ticket... and that tongue-in-cheek message was allowed to go through! Maybe that'll make the point.
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    You cant even say the word "got" or type the number 55 on xbox. its pretty crazy man.
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    When trying to name a companion, I couldn't name a Con Artist "Con Artist"...
  • sundance777
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    For some reason 600K is filtered too, I understand that some word may translate to profanity in other languages, got and Roger might be examples of that, and I can work around the 600K thing but if we filter com and can no longer use companion or comp for short that seems silly.
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  • beckylunatic
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    "Roger" is British slang for having intercourse with someone. But it is also a not-altogether-uncommon given name.

    "600k" is leetspeak for a racial slur. A really old-fashioned racial slur that it seems to me most Neverwinter players have never seen or heard in all their lives.

    Com/con are morphemes (small segments of written language that make up words, in the same sense that phonemes are sounds that make up spoken language), and filtering a morpheme is the point where your profanity filter jumps the shark. You effectively render the entire language unintelligible. Which is kind of impressive, really.
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  • noworries#8859
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    "Com" being filtered should be fixed with the latest patch.

    We are looking into "55" and "600k" being filtered. Thank you for those reports.