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Questions about patch notes

xxmantaraxxxxmantaraxx Member Posts: 361 Arc User
So they said they are changing how overflow bags work but didint describe how it will work. So whats the change?

Also this statement "Players who complete the quest, Secrets of the Cocoon, now receive a key item that gives 30% Everfrost Resist. Players who already completed it will receive this item in in-game mail."

Is this basically what they did with black ice resistance but instead of removing it completely players that progress far enough in the story can now do the raids and skermishes without having to get the gear and boons? If thats the case it about damn time. I will actually go back and work on SKT again as long as i dont have to do the stupid grind for restoring gear.

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  • beckylunaticbeckylunatic Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 14,231 Arc User
    Instead of just preventing you from invoking or opening HE rewards, items in overflow will apparently generate some new error messages:

    You have more than {value} items in your overflow bag. Please clear the bag before proceeding gameplay.
    {MemberName}@{MemberHandle} cannot queue with more than {Value} items in his overflow bag.
    You cannot queue with more than {Value} items in your overflow bag.
    Requires less than {Value} items in overflow bag

    The periapt of black ice protection will essentially open the ability of queue for SKT content as long as you have the item level with whatever you're wearing, but not remove the benefit of getting more resistance from other gear. Eliminates the need to gear swap just to get in. And it'll smooth questing for players who don't want to do the queued stuff too.
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