Low framerate and 0% GPU usage in stronghold

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Hi All - maybe someone has found a fix to this because it's frustrating. About a year ago I had 0% gpu usage and 6-8 FPS in stronghold. Everywhere else was fine. Then it was fixed somehow (I remember something about either shader support or tesselation disabled notice when loading NW) and the last major patch broke it again! *sighs* I've tried everything - every version of Catalyist and windows drivers, every setting - Went back to Windows 8 then back to 10. I'm so tired of the SH being unplayable and turning everything to min doesn't help very much.

Currently running an AMD HD 6850 on an AMD 1090T 6 core. 8Gb ram. I tried putting in a newer AMD HD 7770 same issue. Google has been no help. Did anyone figure out a workaround to this? Or do I just have to live with it until they somehow fix it again?

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    I have that problem occasionaly, in AMD HD 6870, R9 270, also in another computer with Intel HD Graphics 4400 of a i3-4160. In other places of the game like PE, River District, etc is working fine but sometimes when I enter in the SH, the fps drops drastically about 3-8 fps or suddenly appears a hellish stuttering :/