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Anyone have a simple build for straight PVE soloing?

algo4#4746 algo4 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
Just noticed my GF alt is 68 and thinking of getting him to 70 when I'm not doing anything on my main. He needs all the boons from basically everywhere, so it'll be months of just solo content on him. Right now he's built as Iron Vanguard -Protector paragon with a little tactician because when I started the game I thought that was the tanking tree for GF's before I made what is now my main. I saw I still had the free respec I haven't used on him.


  • rjc9000rjc9000 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,351 Arc User
    You have two options:

    Spend a respec token now on your GF for a Conqueror DPS build.

    Wait until Loadouts come out and use that extra slot for a soloing Conqueror DPS build.

    In either case, for the actual build, I'd reccomend SK Guardian's DPS GF build, but I'd avoid getting fancy gear pieces like an Orcus set or Relic weapon. Pick simple things, like Lostmauth Cloak/Imperial Dragon Cloak + Lostmauth Belt/STR belt, and you should be fine throughout the campaign boons. Bonding Runestones off alts/low budget DPS gear will also be of great help to speeding you through the campaigns.

    About campaign progress: most take about a month to two months to complete, with some exceptions. Here's my thoughts/progression through the campaigns:
    • Elemental Evil is easy and can be done quickly for good boons. Can be done within a day if you're quick, is easily finished within a week or two.

    • Sharandar is not "as" easy nor as quick, but gives decent boons.

    • Dread Ring is one of the best campaigns in the game. Easy to do, not very stressful, and gives good boons.

    • Underdark is probably the game's best campaign. Good all around boons, easy progress, alt friendly, gives good gear for progressing through other campaigns/through endgame... very nice all around campaign.

    • Icewind Dale is rather boring. Honestly, the boons generally suck/don't make much of a difference, so I'd put this campaign on your backburner.

    • Maze Engine is very similar to Icewind Dale: forgettable boons, long, but has the advantage of having a less frustrating daily quest (typical fetch quest vs. HE grinding + mining black ice? no contest)

    • Storm King's Thunder and River District are for when you've gotten most of your other campaigns done. At this point, I assume you already

    • Tyranny of the Dragons has, in general, pretty good boons, but the length can vary wildly.

      If you're going only up to boon 5, then it becomes a "simple" 2-3.5 month campaign with long and somewhat difficult quests.

      If you're going for a full boon clear, then it becomes the worst campaign in the game. It literally took me 2.5 years to get the final boon for free, and that's counting multiple 2x ToD currency events.

      Of all the campaigns, I think that Tyranny of the Dragons is the best one to use the campaign completion token, as that gives you all your boons , no questions asked. I'd honestly find it much easier to grind out AD and turn it to Zen than try and finish up the entire ToD campaign on another alt.

      If you do this, make sure you buy the token when you have a 15% off coupon or when a special sale is active.

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