Kabal Immune to damages in Fire Trial quest in mod 11 ?

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Like, how the hell am I supposed to kill him ? I have been searching for 30 minutes if there were any mechanics to break it but nothing, he's just invincible ! Like wtf ?

EDIT : he takes damages from fireball but the chains kills you way before. And you can break his immunity with an exploding golem.
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  • tuesdayrolld20
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    Apparently, if you hit Kabal with the fireball, and he becomes vulnerable. As for the chains, if you position yourself to place the chain over one of the floating balls of fire. it breaks the chain and you get free.

    Hope this helps.
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    This fight is so buggy. I just can't dmg that guy enough
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  • agilesto
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    If you kill the mecanical mobs (that pops from the anvil) close to the boss, their AoE will destroy his immunity then you'll be able to kill him.
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    This mission is just total BS, also I'm being hit by flame cannons when I'm like 2 beams width out of the beam
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    Well I tried it with my 4.3k CW. I do get dmg from I dont know where. I cant do dmg to him.

    Someone said here, that I can break the chains by leading them into a fireball. I would do that, if there was a fireball.

    I was somehow pissed by the flame throwers, but the boss fight is just plain stupid, GJ.
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    Each of these fights has some of the mechanics of 1 of the bosses in SP, it is meant to condition you to the mechanics before you unlock the dungeon. Tbh, I haven't had any issues with these missions, since I already had to figure them out in the dungeon lol.
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    So... Finally smth other than "me smash you to goo" tactics for solo boss fights and behold here comes the rage & whining. GJ players. You get fireballs or rather lava balls chained to you at some point. Hit the boss with it and immunity is gone. He dies in 10 sec or less after that. Did that quest like 10 times only died first time trying to just dps the boss ignoring the common sense. Haven't tried killing exploding mobs near him. They spawn before the chains so even easier if it works.
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