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Hello guys!

So many people asked me to share the AC/DC.. AC/DC.. haha.. you know.. Annointed Champion..Devoted Cleric... haha..PvP build what I think is the best in Mod 11, so I've decided to share it here. Sorry for language mistakes, english is not my native language. Hungarian is. :blush:

In my personal opinion this build is the most useful in top-lvl PvP nowadays, because it's really tanky. The highest balanced HP + Deflection build. I always say to everyone, the worst DC is the dead DC, so as long as you are alive, you can heal, buff/debuff and help your party. This is NOT the build for a beginner player, but I think it can help anyone who wants to become a really good, useful teamplayer in PvP as a DC.

I hope you'll like it, feel free to use it, and ask me if you have questions here, or in the game: @hedracko

So let's start!

1. Race

Halfling is the best race if you want to use this build, because of the +3% Deflection Chance, and the +10% Control Resist.

2. Ability Scores
The main ability scores are: DEX and CON. If you choose Halfling, the best what you can do is roll: 14 DEX and 12 CON

3. Feats
About my feats: I am a Faithful DC, because heals are very important in PvP. + I have two feats from Virtous, the +10% healing one, and the power-sharing at-will feat. The capstone of Faithful is the best in Pvp! It's a MUST feat! Gift of Faith heals a lot, the best life-saving feat! Yay!

4. Boons

Stronghold: HP boon + PvP Ward boon + This part was the hardest to choose, because I was using Power boon for so long, for healing bonus, but I've decided to use Group Stat Bonus, because of Deflection. I'm using Greater White Dragon Glyph which gives +10% healing, it substitutes ~4000 power. The new weapon set, the Relic one has higher weapon damage, which grants you higher heals. So the loss is not 8000 power, only 4000. And if you have the whole party using this group stat bonus, it will give you 2400 more power. So at the end your power loss is only 1400. But trust me, deflection is definitely worth it.

Dread Ring: Power/Movement + Regen + 3% Deflect + Heal/4000 Defense + Augmented Thayan Bastion
Sharandar: Power + Deflect + HP + Heal + Elven Resolve
Tyranny: HP + Deflect + Defense + Regen + Incoming Healing
Elemental of Evil: Power + Regen + Recovery + Recovery
Icewind Dale: AoE Resist + Incoming Healing + Recovery + Cold Shoulder + I don't care the last one, all so bad.
Underdark: Power + Crit + Regen + Dwarven Footing + I don't care the last one, all so bad.
Maze Engin: Incoming Healing + Demonic Resilience + Stamina Regen + Displace Fate
Storm King's Thunder: CC Resist + Incoming Healing + Recovery + HP + Titan's Affinity
PvP: Living Wall + Vanguard's Resolve + Versatile Warrior

5. Stats, Artifacts, Artifact Gear

Armor Set: Prestige Medic set with Major Deflection Amor Kits + Psion's Shroud armor from POM because of 50k HP + 12 AC. It's better, than the armor piece with tenacity.
Artifacts: Active artifact is Oghma, because of CC immunity + 1000 deflection. Other artifacts are all +1000 deflection + the Valhalla artifact, because of the set bonus.

Artifact set bonus: Valhalla set is the best for DC. 5 x 3% less incoming damage from the enemy. Lasts 6 seconds.

6. Enchantments

Offense Slot: Silvery rank 12 - For the CD reduction and AP Gain.
Defense Slot: Silvery rank 12 - For Deflection chance.
Utility Slot: Dark rank 12 - For movement, what is really important in PvP.
Overload Slot: One Greater White Dragon Glyph, and one PvP Ward as GF ward, TR ward, HR ward, etc.
Armor Enchantment: Transcendent Elven Battle - CC resist + Stamina Regeneration. Transcendent Negation is also good, but only in 1 v 1 situations, or when the enemy team does not have TR - HR - Oppressor CW.
Weapon Enchantment: It is really hard to tell what is the best. I've talked to other clerics about weapon enchants, and 90% of them are using Feytouched. Fey is really great, but almost every dps class using feytouched in PvP, and it won't stack with the others, so your Fey debuff is kinda useless. It is really good in 1 v 1, but I prefer to use Transcendent Terror because +1 debuff is better than a debuff what does not have the chance to be applied - even if Terror is a bit weaker.

7. Mounts & Insignias

Mount Combat Power: Aureal Armament - Swift Golden Lion - This is so useful in PvP, it gives 100% of your/their max HP as a Shield for 10 seconds, and not only for yourself, but for your allies as well. + You can knock your enemies out of the node with this power.
Equip Power: Untouchable - Armored Bulette - 4000 Deflection (+10% Deflection Chance)
And you can see my insignia bonuses on the screenshot, I've tried to use all Deflection insignias. (Evasion Insignias)

8. Potions
Potions are really important in PvP. You can get HP + Deflection Chance+ Deflection Severity + Recovery + Power etc. from potions. Here is the list what I'm using:
Caprese, all the Ardent Coin Potions, Hero's Feast, Scroll of Fate: Deflect, Ratatouille (HP+Recovery food from Stronghold), Potion of Heroism, Elixir of Fate, Masterwork Elixir of Reflexes (+1500 Deflection) + Invocation Blessing + Tymora's Lucky coin (I know it's not a potion)

9. How to use

This build is a super-tanky build (210-215k HP, 75-90% Deflection Chance), but I think, the most important is learn WHEN to use Astral Shield, Sunburst, and your daily. Learn how other classes work, so you can learn how to fight against them. Also know when you have to dodge is important. Bastion of Health is for heals. You can always switch Sunburst to Break the Spirit if you feel you are not in danger or you want to debuff/buff. As a Daily I'm using Annointed Army because of CC immunity and damage absorbing, but I can't wait to see the new Divine Armor daily after the DC changes. As Class Features I'm using: Annointed Armor for Deflection Chance + AC, and Divine Fortune, because 2 hit with Blessing of Battle at-will is enough to recharge my full Divine Power with this class feature.

I hope you'll enjoy to play with this build if you try! Thank you for reading!

If you have any questions, you can find me in game as: Deadly [email protected] || Wicked [email protected]
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    Very insightful and practical pvp build! :)
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    Thank you <3