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What are Arc Profile Points?

joe123thewaywardjoe123thewayward Member Posts: 758 Arc User
My Arc Profile has points. What are the purpse of these points?

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  • gothkid1972gothkid1972 Member Posts: 57 Arc User
    When youve accrued enough points, you can trade them for Zen in a game of your choice. 5000 Points, is I believe, the minimum required for turn in.

    At 5000 you recieve 500 zen
  • samaka#2511 samaka Member Posts: 568 Arc User
    You accrue points via Arc Quests. Click the little scroll icon in the lower right corner of the Arc client.

    Play the games that are listed (really, you only need to run the launcher and then close it) and you will gain Arc Points. Once you have enough points you can turn them into Zen for a variety of games, including Neverwinter.
  • samaka#2511 samaka Member Posts: 568 Arc User
    edited January 2017
    You many want to post a screenshot of what you mean... I can't find what you are referring to at all.

    Also, why is this question marked answered if it is not actually answered? ;)

    EDIT: Huh, so it gives the "Answered" flag as long as there are replies to the post, then when an actual post (or more) are accepted it add a little checkmark to the "Answered" flag... good to know! :)
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