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Knox's Alliance Looking for Gauntlets

mattfbls#9678 mattfbls Member Posts: 2 Arc User
Hi there =)
Alexander Darksbane here from the Knox's Irregulars.

Knox Irregulars is a rank 14 going on rank 15 Helm guild. We currently seek rank 5-6 or greater guilds to join our alliance. We seek guilds with a similar mindset, adult oriented guilds (18+) who don't charge members, guilds who value and respect a players skill and more important, the time players have invested in this great game. Seeking guilds with active dedicated players interested in advancing their strongholds.

Our alliance score is 120 points even with us needing to fill spots, making us one of the strongest alliances on PS4. Our player pool is excellent alliance wide, with loads of experience in PvE and PvP spanning all time zones making it extremely easy to be able to log in and find someone to do whatever you want, whenever you want (Questing, Dragon flight, Mdemo, Tiamat, Any dungeons, FBI, etc.). We have a friendly drama free alliance with a fantastic guild leader communication system in place as well as many scheduled and spontaneous events. If this sounds like the place for you and your members we would love to hear from you!!

Contact me at Psn ID : mattfbls
Neverwinter: Alexander Darksbane
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  • notsojoe#8374 notsojoe Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited January 2017
    Hail Supreme Chancellor
    This is a great guild to be apart of.
    Everyone is really nice and will help you with pretty much everything.
    We have very knowledgeable people always on always willing to help out.

  • sundavillesundaville Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    edited January 2017
    This is great alliance! :smile:
    I'm from EU and there are always a lot of people online to play with no matter what hour of the day! Alliance chat is active and we run all instances together. Leadership works really well and all players are friendly and helpfull.

    Its good fun that there are a big variety of people playing together so the lfg request reach out from daily skirmishes to pvp to fbi and soon to the new 10mans aswell. I never feel like I don't have anyone to run with so it's pretty awesome! :smiley:

    ~Hugs from Zetz
  • sundavillesundaville Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    Yey first clear with esva! Love our alliance, strong and helpfull :)
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