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How do I ... ???

soapfreshiesoapfreshie Member Posts: 9 Arc User
Hey people,

I recently came back after going mia when mod 6(?) was released. The one that had everyone complaining about op mobs if I remember right.

Anyway, I forgot some really basic things about the game. Like how to zone/guild etc. chat. It would be extra wavy if someone could remind me how.

Also looking to farm demonic ichors for drow gear (I'm a free player) but I'm not quite sure how. A breakdown for that would be much appreciated as well.

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  • masterclown61masterclown61 Member Posts: 102 Arc User
    Best way to remember is to join a guild and write in the alliance chat for help. That will make you remember everything you need. Just ask for a guild or you can as well pm me in game @masterclown61
  • soapfreshiesoapfreshie Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    Ok thanks, I appreciate you guys dropping in and taking the time.
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