GG Guys - Still pushing key changes regardless of feedback

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They don't care about the players, their wallets matter more. GG lol


  • feanor70118
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    Yeah. Not running mSVA until they give us a way to earn orange marks, guaranteed, or an easier non-zen way to buy keys that at least pay for themselves. Epic fail by Cryptic as usual.
  • lwedar
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    all of the feedback was negative. This change is going to lower the amount of people running content. how is that a good thing?
    "we all love this game and want it to thrive"
  • legendkiwi
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    There was a high amount of discontent with the "proposed" new changes in the feedback thread, yet they go on with taking these changes live anyway. 100% agree
  • martelis1981
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    OMG, this guys are amazingly HAMSTER. This HAMSTER shows that the feedback is useless. Many people test dungeons in Preview server and the drop rate seems to be the same RNG HAMSTER. For ex. the chests in SVA must have at least 30-50% chances of get a legendary Mark. Another nail to the coffin. Incredible :#
  • araneax
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    Instead of trying to keep people playing.

    Making them interested in this game, since it is in fact an amazing game.
    Even though you make us grind or gamble for pretty much everything.

    So they would spend money on this game, so you would get payed for your effort in making the game amazing.

    This kind of changes are implemented and pushed, forced on us. In mod 10.
    After 50 + pages of feedback.
    Not 1... not 3... not 5 . Mod 10.

    You probably wonder why people are so angry.
    Why they do not understand what you are doing.
    How ignorant we can be, to be so upset.

    As i stated in another thread.
    If i asked for a feedback and ignored it completely , after this kind of feedback.
    I would lose customers. Damaging my company in the process.

    But i guess that is not how online world functions.

    You can not force people to buy thing.
    You can however make changes like this.

    And probably the whales will go buy legendary keys now.

    Lets see what happens. =)

    I refuse to buy legendary keys. You can not make me buy them.

    I will not grind to open a chest where the prizes are garbage.

    I will not run the new content any more .
    Thank you for making me see the error of my ways in running it in the first place.
    And actually buying legendary keys without you forcing me to buy them in the first place.

  • uzala
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    wow, wasn't expecting this. Was hoping they would be tuning it a lot more.
    Now everything rests on next mod, I really hope they release not 1 dungeon but at least 5.
  • voidgift
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    Really looking foreward to getting my bags pumped full by yet another type of useless RP, which is my 'reward', that I'd rather not see.
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  • vikoon
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    Of course this was going to happen. They pandered to the community with their petty words and spun the tales of a master bard, but it is your fault for believing in this Development Team. There is a little thing called a track record, and this game has one of the worst. Live and learn.
  • dratomic1#3275
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    May as well rename the game to "Fantasy Casino".
  • silverkelt
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    I cant type in the words really needed here..

    Worst decision possible and thats what they go with, no compromise at all.. none.. whatsoever.

    Lead designer is mostly a liar, just a long line of those who say one thing and do another.

    "We listen to feedback"

    really.. lol.

    there is no defense of this.
  • therealprotex
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    What says it all is the following: the lead designer is being called names (rightfully, obviously, but still against the forum rules, I guess) and the new CM looks ashamed at her shoes and remains silent about all this mess... Apparantly, @silverkelt is right, there is no defence.
  • thevaliant#9250
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    I enjoy this game, I enjoy MMO's and Fantasy D&D fun of every type. This change worries me greatly about what will happen to this game. I hate to see changes made that are upsetting to so much of the player base. I do believe the game will suffer greatly from the changes being made with a horrible loot distribution and risk & difficulty VS reward aspect of this game. If additional monetizing of the game needs to happen, this is NOT the way to do it.
  • ichimaruginx
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    I won't call names but it is a HAMSTER AWFUL move. But like every other move - we'll survive and Neverwinter lose a couple or a dozen more players.... nice start for 2017!
  • xxmantaraxx
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    thl1#9165 said:

    You do what you think you need to do, Cryptic. Meanwhile I will be playing another game.

    I will log to grab my free key until my VIP expires in 2 weeks. Once the timer runs out ill be gone for a while. I have recently been enjoying Guild Wars 2 with my usual neverwinter time.

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  • checkmatein3
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    December 31, 2016, the annual dev New Year's Party at Perfect World Headquarters in California:

    MimicKing "Congrats, all you for you hard work! We have completed another profitable year with Neverwinter. Raise your redbull for all your hardwork, and remove your earplugs, because it is all gonna be great!"

    January 31, 2017, employee meeting:
    MimicKing "Now the rumors of the loss of the player base is not true. Our numbers are down, but we are doing fine. Our profits are up, and all of you are gonna have lots of work in the future, because we know that people are greedy and say one thing and do another. We got the player base! There is no way they will ever walk away from what they have done. Just keep programming the stuff PWI tells us to make MONEY! And we are fine. Redbulls and free mary jane for you all!"

    April, 4, 2017, employee meeting after release of mod 12:
    MimicKing, "Well, we missed our profit goals, but I don't know why. We have so many revenue streams in the game. You all just need to come up with more ways in the game to make those Freeloading, Basement-Living, Suckers pay for this game. Its freaking DnD people! The key change was not enough. We need more content where they buy stuff to play our free-to-play game, because we need Not yesterday! NOW! Mod 12 is gonna be HHUUUGGEEE profit stream for us. Here are some animal cookies and ramen from the 99cent store for you all. OH, and you can't use the company microwave anymore. Too much electricity."

    June 18th, 2017, employee meeting at 4th anniversary of Neverwinter live:
    Random New Manager, "As you all know, MimicKing was fired because he could not lead you all to make profit goals, so lets hold some communication with our player base and get them to think we have all these new minds out there. But, you all know we have a few suckers who keep paying for our stuff, so lets really put the vice on them. Any ideas? Lets get it done before we go live with mod 13, which is gonna be whatever WoTC tells us. Really? You found an exploit with the AH if a person opens up a key? Well, remove the AH. That is what we do. Ok, who wants some of these rice cakes?"

    August 20th, 2017, janitor in empty Neverwinter offices:
    "Hey, look what I found. Look at this profit sheet. Wow, it just nose-dived right around January 12th. I wonder what they did on that day that made them lose so much money in such a short amount of time. Eh, doesn't matter now. Oooo. Look at this...a whole closet of unused redbull!!!"
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