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arc has encountered an error while updating

rangerlenierrangerlenier Member Posts: 21 Arc User
please try again, and again, and again...................
whays going on?


  • hailsigmarhailsigmar Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    yeah i'm getting this error as well. frustrating as i've been trying to log in since around 8pm US Central time
  • hailsigmarhailsigmar Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    found the fix.

    uninstall ARC client > make sure options to save games and ONLY uninstall client is selected > download new client from https://support.arcgames.com/app/home > install > after it installs you might get a message no games were found when ARC launches > your games should be listed in their usual spot
  • im not even able to uninstall my game
  • reddog7879reddog7879 Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    Best bet would be after you install a game, go to the root directory they are installed in and then copy that shortcut. That'll bypass having Arc start up before the game boots up. I wound up having to uninstall Arc and re-installing it after they did an update to it that was causing it to fail to even consider updating. The games run fine without having to use Arc to boot up.
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