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    karakla1 said:

    Watched it and loled. He said they developing a persistent game world.

    Persistent does kind of imply more than what the technical definition of a persistent world is: a game which people can access around the clock.

    Technically any MMO is a "persistent world" but as players we expect decisions and for those decisions to persist at least for a period of time in order to claim a persistence. Technically that is "game persistence" and NW does have it...but it's more like progression persistence when progression is only defined as gears and rewards. There is no persistence to the story or interactions which to me is a bit of a requirement in an RPG.

    My young brother recently started playing Skyrim and he called me up surprised that when he "may or may not have stolen a horse" the people in the town not only hated him but continued to hate him no matter how long he waited. He was expecting GTA style steal a car and after a couple of minutes nobody cares. To me that is both sad and reassuring.

    It's sad because I grew up expecting that behavior from games as soon as I stopped playing platformer games. This was the first time he played a game which penalized acting like a donkey and he had to wait until he was 14 years old to play such a game.

    So many main stream games literally don't let you do something that you may end up regretting or do not implement penalties for behavior which would not be forgotten or forgiven in real life. When I consider this I actually do understand why some people can claim, though I still disagree with them still, that video games promote bad behavior.

    The only reassuring bit was that he loved the mechanic despite the fact he is the embodiment of the me now crowd. Those mechanics are fun! There's a time and place for GTA self centered playstyle but not every game should be as forgiving for bad conduct as GTA and no RPG should ever not allow bad decisions to be made or not have reppercussions for acting like you own a world which is "persistent."

    Game developers seem to try very hard to cater to this mindless linear playstyle which either doesn't permit or have repercussions for the choices the player makes.
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    The game has been in decline since MOD 6. The bad decisions how been many with few bright spots. The change in the stat curve to what we have now has created a power creep that makes all game content trivial for 4k players and the DEVS keep adding to it, ie., SH boons and Legendary mount buffs to name a few. Instead of fixing issues in game they are now creating more and lying to the player base about it. Instead of creating exciting content they are creating mindless grind and flat out pay to win. Long time players have held out for hope that the next MOD will be better..... At this point the game is in such a deep hole that only a total revamp is the only hope to save it and that just isn't going to happen any time soon.............. We can post what the DEVS should do to rescue the game here but clearly they do not care and are not listening for whatever reason...... It is a shame because this game does have THE BEST combat and some of the greatest lore to pull from, they have slowly but surely killed a potentially great game.
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    Guess what, Keys are on sale in the Zen Market...

    15% off while supplies last. :D

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    Well at least they have pulled back this key change till they have adjusted the loot .Will have to see how this all works out after they put this into play.
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    In this thread are a few of the best posts I have read in a long time. All the “great ones”, who still care about this game are in here and make very valid points. The game is in shambles; RNGesus laughing at you every step of the way and no feeling of accomplishment for long term players after they reached the olymp.
    And in the end, it is this few ones, that speak up, that should be listened to, as it was said somewhere around here: All this complaining of us customers is, is another way of saying that we want to spend more money.

    The D&D franchise is strong and it has some of the most loyal players and all they are so desperately asking for, is to play a game that is fun, that they don’t have to feel guilty to introduce to new players.
    For me the unique selling point was the foundry. I got to know Neverwinter here in Europe at a presentation from the developers before launch back in 2013 and the then promise that the players would receive the same tools that the content designer use, to create content.
    What a great premise for an old dungeon master. Tell your stories in the digital realm and get back together with your friends, who now all seem to have scheduling conflicts with their lives, wives, kids and stuff.
    And it makes my heart bleed to see such great potential, such a rich and diverse universe to draw from, and what has become of it

    I know, change is inescapable and it is a part of live and growing up, as it is part of the live cycle of every MMO. And maybe Neverwinter has seen its highpoint, or maybe it is this cultural difference, looking for the short term profit instead of investing into a long term relationship with the customer.

    What it boils down to, I hope someone at Cryptic steps up and takes the responsibility of directing this khyek in the right direction. The customers are your potential Cryptic, tap into this potential, listen to them (feedback), let them tell stories for you (foundry), let them be your advocates (bringing in new players). And above else, don’t take your customers for fools; they are a mature audience with a habit of remembering things.

    And don’t let this thread die, it’s a good one.
    Estelle Sagenweber, Vier Elemente, german guild

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    also to add, my beef with mobs, it almost like they can read your mind, i cant make any unpredictable runs by going left or right, they counter run my moves, and they run faster regardless how many levels and amount of dark enchants for movements, we really cant out run when fighting in boss room, the adds should be very stupid and surprised by sudden movements.
    man, Cleveland Browns should recruit these mobs for offense and defense lines.

    the smart ones should be in elite dungeons.
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    The game has to account for the fact that its a computer vs, your human mind. Cut it some slack.

    You want better enemy AI? Lrn2Prgm
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    Lit, you didnt understand, to have smart AI mobs, they should be in elite dungeons.
    it wasnt easy to play my GF tank with taunts to keep them away from healers and mages, when i get mobs in front of me, i tried to move left and right, mobs move exactly same time, preventing me to reach boss to tank it when there is no other back up tank or GWF are down.
    AI made it impossible for me to trick them or make unpredictable moves while guarding my flank, i dont like get exposed to attack of oppertunies.

    i learn from others who mentor me due to my disabilities.

    normal dungeons are sort of training grounds before able to handle better AI mobs in elite dungeons. i am EQ2 raid veteran, played DDO during first 3 months after it launched and did the guild wars, most mobs dont do that, used to make sudden moves and gain advanages, NWO mobs seem cant be fooled and they make counter-runs just as you ready to think to move or turn which ways.
    about DDO, thier mobs are amazing, they can jump back or flip sideways but easy to fool them with feint attacks, and fake run-aways to lure out.
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    When random strangers online start to talk about Neverwinter as : " the whole game revolves around spending money " , you know things are escalating, beyond repair . ( Not talking about this forum )

    People who stayed to play this game, through all the trouble and hard times.
    Who adapted to the situations Cryptic creates every now and then.
    Waiting for that promised fix, like junkies on a corner of a street, who persist through the hamster wheeling that is happening from like mod 6 are the real MVP-s.
    I am sorry to see that kind of a person leave.

    Truthfully , people are getting tired of this. Of broken promises and bad decisions.
    We get it, the attitude is : " If you do not feel like playing this game, then do not . We do not care. "

    It is same old same old , every new mod, they break at least one of the promises made. ( Remember the wards incident. )
    We got overly excited when they talked about all the great changes and the new zones. New dungeons.

    Running through FBI now, seems like the most useless thing to do. A waste of time.
    When you open two chests , at the end of the dungeon , you spent your time on, getting a rank 8 and a ring from Sharandar. you know it is time to do something else. I do need to say i like the part where you need to silently sneak around and pick up things.
    It made the dungeon at least a bit interesting. Who ever thought of that , i salute him.

    Fishing . I understand where they are coming from. I can actually understand why they brought it in.

    People spend huge amounts of time fishing , at the Winter event, every year. I do too. I rather fish sometimes then do a dungeon.
    Where they went wrong is making it mandatory , since people do not like to be forced to do things.

    In any case. That is my two cents.
    I am not going to add more since posts above me managed to say exactly how my whole guild feels. Including me.

    It is sad... i really do not want to see this game go to ruins.
    So much time spent , so much money, and effort. It is sad every time a person decided this game is not worth his or her time any more.

    Best regards,

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    I agree with just about everything the OP and @ironzerg79 said.

    I started playing on day 1 of the open beta, took a break when the Elemental expansion arrived, as it took the fun away for me, but things improved and I came back. Recently, however, the have found my interest in the game dropping rapidly. The primary reason is that the things that motivate me keep disappearing
    • The Gateway allowed me to stay in touch, and make some AD while I was on vacation. Now that is gone.
    • The Foundry was may favourite part initially, but that is being slowly killed.
    • The chest key change means that running dungeons is no longer worth my time.
    • The ever-increasing grind, without corresponding rewards is, quite frankly, boring.
    • Crafting is pointless.
    • I have no interest in PvP, but if I did, I would be complaining at this point that it is broken.
    What may be the final straw for me is the customer "support" I am getting (or rather, not getting) regarding an issue I have, but that's not the subject of this post.

    Over the years I have spent a lot of time, and quite a bit of money on the game (I just added it up, and it is around $1500 - however, if the developers seem determined to kill my interest in the game, they will not see any more of my money.

    Why does the company seem determined to get rid of the players that have supported the game for a long time?

    There are other gaming companies that do thing properly, and have a loyal (some would even say fanatical) player base. The one I am personally most familiar with is CCP, the makers of EVE Online. Now, I was one of the initial investors in that company - long before they had a product (and made a really nice bit of money when I eventually sold my shares, but that's not relevant here). What is relevant is that this company has a solid track record of listening to its players - in particular through the player council - see if you don't know what I am talking about.

    It may be too late to save Neverwinter, though.
    Hoping for improvements...
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    They stopped listening anyways. Nothing at all will be changed in the short term, that is fully clear to most of us.

    Once they see less people playing , they might eventually, but a cash squeeze is what it is, they will not be given permission to remove it, until its squeezed as hard as possible.

    Sadly, this seems to be the M.O. of many companies, all companies deserve to make money, when the product is worthy of support, 100% agreed to this.

    I usually spend a couple hundred a year on any mmo.. you add up spenders like me x 10k and viola , we are talking about 2-3 million a year as it is, they no longer seem interested in that market at all.. it seems to me, the only market they even remotely care about , is those who spend 1-2-3k a year minimum.

    Take feedback on HEs.. after IWD, we all stated, ok , nice gimmick.. no more please.. after underdark.. jeepers guys, I think this is quite enough of this annoying mechanic.. after mod 10 part 1.. DAMN you all , do you not listen? .. THEN they have the audacity to make 10.5 .. with YET more HEs ..

    Do you think they listen?

    They look at metrics, until its too late. Also it seems if you start our civil like, in terms of feedback, its totally ignored, so unless you go full on rage x 2.. they just ignore you.

    Sad.. very sad.
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    I am fairly new here. But one thing [as a relatively new player] that does strike me is how pointless crafting seems/
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