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Tiamat reset???

So yesterday Tiamat was at 100%, (due to dragon hoards dropping from event) for the first time in at least 6 months...people were running dragons, and Tia like crazy, and stuff was dropping (as it's supposed to when at tier 4)....my guildie got two orbs, the neck and waist, and also got two lostmauth pieces off dragons...I was looking forward to running Tia over the next few days, and this morning it got reset to tier 1....WTF happened


  • sundance777sundance777 Member Posts: 1,097 Arc User
    It resets every week :( I was chuckling to myself at the rewards in the coffer after a win, 2 rank fives, 20 seals, a bag of coins and a green res stone...not even worth spending the key I made from the campaign...

    Lets crank it back up for this week's end!
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  • reefriednunt#3177 reefriednunt Member Posts: 246 Arc User
    I thought it resets Thursday morning
  • speedokillzspeedokillz Member Posts: 105 Arc User
    I didn't get much.. except for screwed because the chest at the end glitch 2 of the 5 times we ran it.
  • reefriednunt#3177 reefriednunt Member Posts: 246 Arc User
    Either way they reset it 3 days early.....typical <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font>
  • ecrana#2080 ecrana Member Posts: 1,654 Arc User

    I thought it resets Thursday morning

    Pretty sure this used to be true because it was always odd that EVERYTHING reset on Monday except for Tiamat. Don't know if they changed the reset day without announcing it but easy to check and see what the ticker says. Totally something I could changing without a single announcement.
  • zman81420zman81420 Member Posts: 972 Arc User
    It's funny we can't even remember. I know I can't. It was nice to run 3 times last night.
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  • reefriednunt#3177 reefriednunt Member Posts: 246 Arc User
    It was definitely always Thursday, because I wouldn't even start running Tia until Sunday, then there would be more and more groups running on mon, tues, and Wednesday....now I guess it resets Monday morning
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