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Ring of Impenetrability

"Ring of Impenetrability +4 - Equip: When your health drops below 20% you become invulnerable for 2 seconds. This effect can only trigger once every 120 seconds."

Would this ring prevent a character from being one-shotted or does it proc when damage gets below 20%?


  • nightranger7477nightranger7477 Member Posts: 211 Arc User
    edited November 2016
    I have always wondered this as well, if when your hp drops to that magic number of 20% if it automatically procs the ring or not. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  • oggycz#5356 oggycz Member Posts: 182 Arc User
    Nope, it will not safe you from one shot. Tried on PC.
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  • speedokillzspeedokillz Member Posts: 105 Arc User
    Thank you!
  • nightranger7477nightranger7477 Member Posts: 211 Arc User
    So pretty much this ring is completely useless.... thx for the info
  • zman81420zman81420 Member Posts: 972 Arc User
    I tried on and yeah poo poo ka ka
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  • ltsmithnekoltsmithneko Member Posts: 1,578 Arc User
    Yeah I have the legendary version, it only works if ya don't get one-shotted, funny to use in pvp at times though. ^.^ Wished it stopped the one shotting n' FBI n' PvP, but eh. :p
  • nightranger7477nightranger7477 Member Posts: 211 Arc User
    It does have two def slots at legendary though and that is the only reason I use it.... it just stinks that it does not prevent a one shot because you would think that would be the whole point of the ring. Impenetrability should mean temporarily invincible, even if it's for just a couple seconds.
  • mordekai#1901 mordekai Member Posts: 1,598 Arc User
    I use one on my HR in group play.
    He's super squishy, but has a very low level Soulforged. The biggest issue I had was surviving the few seconds immediate'y after resurrecting since healing potions are inevitably on cooldown at that point. The ring gives me chance to get out of the way .
    It's not foolproof, but it has meant I've gone from mostly getting double tapped to mostly surviving immediately after resurrection.
  • mordekai#1901 mordekai Member Posts: 1,598 Arc User
    Seeing as how I don't PvP, (until they find a way for us to do it for fun if its not our raison d'etre) I have no idea about this. But how does Glory work on double Glory weekends?
    Cos they should both work the same way really.
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