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Stop with the "simple" fix suggestions already.

jonkocajonkoca Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,586 Arc User
edited November 2016 in PvP Discussion
Plz, for the love of Rngesus, stop imagining achieving balance between classes in PvP is as simple as "apply this idea I thought up and everything will be hunky dory."

I started pvp in mod2. At that point in the game we had the following:

Regular enchants boosting stats from x to 300 at rank 10. Tenebrous had already been fixed at that point.
Armor set bonuses, no tenacity at that point, so pve set bonuses were all in play.
Weapon enchants.
Armor enchants.
1 artifact.
2 sets of boons. Shar and dread.
Class features, capstones and feats. No SWs. No OPs.
Encounters, interacting with personal buffs, party buffs, and to some extent, enemy party buffs/debuffs as well.
HP pools of around a max of 30k or so.

Even at that point, if you mapped the possible interactions between the powers and features of 10 random toons all fighting in the same instance, you'd be facing an extremely difficult task.

Now we have all of the above, but also:

Overloads, both pve standard/stronghold, and pvp-dedicated.
Enchants from x to 700, more on double/triple stat types. Plus 4 more slots, not counting utility.
Many more boon trees.
Mount bonuses, basic, and legendary-attack triggered. Insignia stats themselves.
HP pools of around 200k plus
4 artifacts.
Partial armor set bonuses, allowing doubles.
Weapon set bonuses.
Jewelry set bonuses.
Reinforcement kits.
Extra feat points allowing more hybrid builds.
More potions.
2 more classes with their attendant feats, features and powers.
More races.

Think that's everything. These added variables explode the interaction map exponentially.

In short. "Simple" solutions are not even a thing, if they ever were. The devs have the option ofc. of applying a fix, but in doing so, they are really not doing very much more than taking their best guess, which btw. remains a) less biased and b) better informed, than the idea you cooked up over lunchtime.

Any such attempt, given the complexity involved, probability wise, has a huge chance of drastic, not to mention hilarious sometimes, failure and only a tiny chance of being the actual, 100% magic bullet perfect balance solution.

Anyway. Bear this in mind before posting. Jus' sayin.

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No idea what my toon is now.


  • jonkocajonkoca Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,586 Arc User
    edited November 2016
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    No idea what my toon is now.
  • jonkocajonkoca Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,586 Arc User
    I agree, the easiest fixes that would bring universal improvement are to the peripherals of queue mechanics and events.
    No idea what my toon is now.
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