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Looks like I missed the boat?

Seems that our guild was a little lower GH than most of the big Strongholds were looking for and we understand.

... Guild Hall 6, Market Place 3 (on or way to 4), and we are all 70's (except alts). Looking to Helm for a dozen new/fresh guilds. If we are all lower ranks (6 or less), maybe we have a unique opportunity to grow a strong partnership and rank up even faster than we could on our own?

Gamertag: SpeedoKillz


  • speedokillzspeedokillz Member Posts: 105 Arc User
    So still a little underwhelmed by Alliance at this time. Up to GH8 and have been in several Alliances already... but the Swords seem to bounce around a bit, leaving the Gauntlets (ME) to start all over.

    Either looking for a steady Alliance opportunity...


    If you are the leader of a sub 8 GH and want to work together, grow together and build an alliance from the ground up, hit me up and let's get something going!
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