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Developer Blog: The Runic Lockbox



  • zortarking#7386 zortarking Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    How do I get the Runic Lockbox I keep getting Firemane lockbox
  • zortarking#7386 zortarking Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    For Ps4
  • swirve#6429 swirve Member Posts: 90 Arc User
    Lockboxes..the companies real priority...they are proud to announce is how they usually announce them...
  • lyaiselyaise Member Posts: 491 Arc User
    Andy: What's your favorite class to play in D&D? Or what are you playing now that you like the most?

    Thomas: So yeah, good question. My favorite's Guardian Fighter. I love the Guardian Fighter, but I play a really hitty Guardian Fighter... you know I stat him up that way. But what I'm doing now, one of the new things, it's a come-back.. there's a lot of classes we didn't have when I first started designing the game. So, I've actually taken it upon myself to play every single class, starting with the new classes, starting at level 1 and working my way up. What I do is I play them up to like level 15, I just got done dinging to level 15 with my Great Weapon Fighter and now I'm working on my Hunter Ranger and then I think I got my Necromancer, errr

    Andy: Scourge Warlock.

    Lyaise: Yes, Scourge Warlock, remember Mod 6, the Temptation spec?

    Thomas: *jokingly* Ahhh, I tried to get out of that.

    Thomas: Not going to talk about it.

    Andy: Not going to talk about it?

    Thomas: But I hear ya! I feel ya.

    Andy: That's cool.

    Lyaise: mmmmm. Ok no joy there then. So what about the key 'would you believe it was actually a bug the whole time' farce?

    Thomas: *laughs*

    Andy: Exactly.

    Thomas: *continues laughing*

    *stream ends*
    ...............vote for your favourite expansion..........
    "Mod 6. Oh my f****** god. It gutted the game pure and simple. And what wasn't gutted was messed up by the poorly thought out new level cap and equip. The game never recovered from that atrocity".
    ..............not this one then.............
  • spainchaud#6210 spainchaud Member Posts: 55 Arc User
    How do you get this lockbox? I never see any lockbox other than the Giants lockbox.
  • cattman5cattman5 Member Posts: 69 Arc User
    It is the lockbox that dropped before the currant giant one. You can get the runic off the AH now.
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