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eqmesmeeqmesme Member Posts: 7 Arc User
Hello there

I would say Im newish to the game, just been playing a few weeks, have 1 char, a level 61 HR. I do daily dungeons and solo quests atm.

When I'm in dungeons I never know what classes the others are as I have no idea of other symbols, and I usually like to work with other peoples skills, etc. Unfortunately, for various reasons, incl lots of prescribed opiates, I have a memory like a sieve and cannot remember when I do inspect someone for the next time.

What I am after is a list so I can stick to the side of my monitor so that I can quick glance and then know what classes I'm working with.

I have tried looking online, and I can find lots of symbols but none of them have the class with them. I know I could look this up online, try and do something in Word or PS or whatever and make something pretty, but for me that would take days (to type this so far took nearly an hour - if you read my other posts you'll see me mention my disability).

Does anyone know of anything out there that is what I am after, or almost what I am after, I don't mind doing some work on it of course, but hours rather than days.

Thanks in advance.

Deeply Dippy


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