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"Leave instance X so we can fit more HE farmers"

two30two30 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,168 Arc User
While questing in Lonelywood, I saw someone post in Zone chat: "If you're questing in instance 9, switch instances so that we can fit more HE farmers." I didn't even bother checking my instance number. I simply kept on with my quests and then left for Bryn Shander.

On the one hand, I suppose there's no harm in asking people to leave. On the other, I'm not sure why anyone would obey.
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  • pr3stigexpr3stigex Member Posts: 419 Arc User
    Just out of kindness, decency, respect, or any other virtues? I wouldn't leave either lol.
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  • kvetkvet Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,700 Arc User
    People come and go - it's easy enough for a group to amoebize an instance anyway. My alliance did that in Lonelywood - basically you work it just like you can do in IP or DV. You party up, go to an instance, then break up the party and each person reforms and those people come, then wash-rinse-repeat until everyone's there. Not sure about Lonelywood, but I recall organizing massive oPvP wars in IP where we packed the place with just insane numbers of players. The FPS lag was awful, but the wars were pretty spectacular :)

    Basically, with HE farming groups - just keep inviting people into the instance using parties. Eventually, it will be locked down and solo folks won't be able to come to that instance.
  • sockmunkeysockmunkey Member Posts: 4,622 Arc User
    The lone soloist was most likley already in the instance when the HE locust swarm descended. So for the hoard to ask that one person to vacate just so they can rampage just long enough to devour the HEs and move on to the next instance, seems a little greedy.
  • btairbornebtairborne Member Posts: 352 Arc User
    Now what did Spock say?
  • dread4moordread4moor Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,154 Arc User

    Now what did Spock say?

    That applies to an interdependent society working together toward common shared goals.
    Members of a zerg do not give a HAMSTER about you or the quest you are finishing.

    Drop everything and burn 1 min of my limited game time so some stranger can have a zerg of 15 instead of 14?
    I am Took.
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  • ghoulz66ghoulz66 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 3,748 Arc User
    Should just reply to them, "Want me to shine your boots too princess?".
  • jamesbond007#6020 jamesbond007 Member Posts: 32 Arc User
    I don't even have zone chat open lol, but we normally do 1 quest in each area per day so we are only in the instance for a couple of mins.
  • diogene0diogene0 Member Posts: 2,894 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    It's generally better for you to do your dailies in an HE zone as there is far less competition for NPCs, relic and fetch items. I would most likely not leave either. I would even probably leech HEs if my characters had a very low ilevel (they don't and that's fortunate). These runs are often organized by very selective farming channels, so it's hard to get in in the first place.
  • namelesshero347namelesshero347 Member Posts: 2,109 Arc User
    I just ignore them. I think it's rude for people to ask others to leave. It's a public server. Any players have the right to play there.
  • sm0ld3rsm0ld3r Member Posts: 236 Arc User

    I just ignore them. I think it's rude for people to ask others to leave. It's a public server. Any players have the right to play there.

    You do realize there are over 20 instances and it doesn't matter to the solo player which one they are in. Unfortunately due to game design, these instances are limited to 20 players. Folks that are farming HEs or WANT to farm HEs, want to get into a farm instance. You the solo player are blocking them.

    You can call them rude, but perhaps you are the one being rude. Kind of like standing in the middle of a cross walk blocking traffic under the premise pedestrians have the right of way. It's called common courtesy. If I'm doing quests and end up in a farm instance, I pop over to a different one. Been on both sides of this and it's really not a big deal to switch instances.

  • zhodiazhodia Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    A private instance can solve this problem easy.

    I wish there is a way to put 20 people ( or how many can fit in an instance) in queue group, set the queue group to private and select the zone we would like to go, pretty much like dungeons. I believe, instances get created depending on the load so when a 20 ppl queue get together for zerging in Lonelywood, it would take only a min to create a private Lonelywood instance for them and transfer everybody there. And voila! all the problems about "should you stay or should you go" will be solved.
  • kvetkvet Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,700 Arc User
    It's 40 I think, but yes zho, that's a great idea. Private "queue" for adventure zones.
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