Which Class Best Utilizes My Playstyle?

So I'm fairly new to neverwinter but I understand most aspects of the game and I wanted other people's opinion that know the game very well, on what class I should play and how I should play that class even though I know how I'll probably play the class. I'm usually playing as a BattleMage with some support abilities in RPGs

A build guide, or advice would appreciated as well. Below is just a more in-depth explanation of how I like to play to give you a better understanding.

So I'm usually a Battlemage/Support/Healer character in most RPGs. In the Mass Effect series I went Infiltrator which is my favorite class in that game but I was always best at Adept, loved the combos and detonations, liked being challenge to understand mechanics. But in more traditional RPG games like Neverwinter, in Dragon Age I usually played the dual wIeld BattleMage in the first one, Blood Mage in the second, and Rift Mage in Inquistion because I liked the CC, damage, and mana regen. The knight-enchanter which was a close combat magic sword and staff wielding character was my favorite but it felt OP. In Allods Online I usually went Shaman for DPS and heals. WoW I usually went Shaman in that as well, Fiesta Online I went Cleric because I loved the healing in that game, Skyrim I went BattleMage with healing spells. I usually as a Mage prefer to be inside the fight dealing damage, keeping myself alive, and wandering off if our archers or casters get attacked, if the game doesn't allow melee as a Mage then I usually went a Caster that was DPS/Heals or High DPS. But in general I usually try to be a BattleMage so I can more of Off-Tank and DPS support like character. So like a character that can Deal or effective damage mainly, but also can support the weaker teammates as well.