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Long shutdown and exit time

samerikersameriker Member Posts: 169 Arc User
Lately I have noticed it takes longer to exit the game. The time from clicking [exit] in the menu to actually seeing my desktop. Even then the music continues to play sometimes between 10 to 30 seconds. Is this really necessary? Can't the game do a quicker flush from RAM and drop to desktop? I tried ALT+F4 with the same results, then when I restarted, it wanted to review the file system for errors. Anyone else with any idea what is going on?

Normally I would just go click support and make a trouble ticket, we all know how futile and unlikely that task is to achieve any results.
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  • plasticbatplasticbat Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 10,784 Arc User
    I do not have your experience. How much RAM does your system have? My wild guess would be memory swapping was going on.
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  • mentinmindmakermentinmindmaker Member Posts: 1,416 Arc User
    If this is in Icewind Dale it is intended.

    It is a feature to avoid people escaping open PvP.
  • hammerslam1hammerslam1 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 20 Arc User
    Not sure but it sounds like to me that either you have slower memory than intended for the game and your swap file is taking time to empty out the from your hdd. I guess system specs would help?
  • divectoredivectore Member Posts: 187 Arc User
    I play in window mode, it minimize faster and when i press exit, it takes 0.01 seconds to go desktop.
  • samerikersameriker Member Posts: 169 Arc User
    Thanks, I reduced the "swapiness" of my HDD. I think that works.
    Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident; the only earthly certainty is oblivion. ~ Mark Twain
  • ok, so mine is doing that too, please explain swapiness and HDD :} also, If I use windows key to bring up desktop the entire game freezes up and I have to log off my computer.
  • samerikersameriker Member Posts: 169 Arc User
    edited December 2015
    Under Windows there's something called "pagefile" where the system swaps memory to get the RAM (random access memory) free. This is memory blocks written to an area of your HDD (hard disk drive) and is called a swap file. Problem is that HDD memory takes longer to load and unload than your memory on a RAM chip. To take a look at your own pagefile settings, Start menu, right-click Computer, and then click Properties. Navigate to Advanced –> Performance Settings –> Advanced –> Virtual Memory –> Change.

    From this screen you can change the paging file size, set the system to not use a paging file at all, or just leave it up to Windows to deal with which is normally the default. Your next question is; What numbers do I plug in to this? Well if you are running NW and nothing else and have more than 4 GB of RAM set your page file to 0 (none at all). The game and your OS will be running only on the RAM chips and nothing will be stored to the HDD. If you are running 2 GB or less then you will have to suffer some pagefile swapping because no pagefile on a system with low memory is going to crash.

    A lot will depend on your OS, Windows 7, 8, and 10 (1 GB) requires a lot more memory than XP (128 MB) or Vista (512 MB) ever asked to use. I reduced the "swappiness" by setting my pagefile lower than the recommend by my OS. Many people who set their own pagefile size will recommend 2 times the RAM for low memory computers and less to none at all for high-end gaming machines.
    Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident; the only earthly certainty is oblivion. ~ Mark Twain
  • Ok, very kewl I did this thank you. I also have wireless signal issues that bump me which I DO understand. We are out in the stix and the cell doesnt work here. Ever so often when it does boot me, I notice that my username is no longer typed in there, but this really strange number: #1#35654404054837 and when it comes up like that, it is that same pattern of numbers every time. Imma nunu, and loving the game, thanks for your help!
  • meh :\ had to reverse the paging file thing, it Doinked me... not enough RAM then I guess
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