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xaltoltunxaltoltun Member Posts: 3 Arc User
I do like the ability to queue for dungeons and pvp.
** two issues **
PVE - Queuing for dungeons result in unfilled parties. There have been many times I accept the queue and find only 3 of 5 or less in the dungeon. A penalty for leaving early may help lower the unfilled party queues. On the other hand, a system for class roles may help balance the parties. Controller, DPS, Healer, Damage Mitigation, etc.

PvP - Currently, there is a huge gap between players item levels (pvp specific gear). A new player or new character chances of winning a pvp instance to acquire resources to acquire gear is almost nil. For the masses, it is discouraging to be obliterated by the opposing team for the reason of being out geared. Having a tier system to reward difficulty and an item (pvp specific gear) range to enter tier. This way guilds can help gear new characters in instances, the instances will not be one sided, limits players from gearing to quickly, and a better experience overall.
Attaining starting level PvP gear with Black Ice (crafted) and guild marks will allow players to have the gear to start pvp instances.

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