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Why do you even want Astral Diamonds?



  • abeodesee72abeodesee72 Member Posts: 39 Arc User
    Primarily to shop for stuff in the Auction House, refining items and companions mostly
  • snottysnotty Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 476 Arc User
    edited September 2015

    The issue is there is a lot more AD wanting to be sold for Zen than Zen wanting to be made into AD; Zen is where Cryptic makes their money. If AD value is so low (not in terms of buying power, but rather in terms of WANT) - then those with Zen aren;t as interested in buying. Hence, backlog of Zen. Backlog of Zen = no new purchasing of Zen.

    This is why they need the economy balanced: They badly need LESS AD in game so that more people will trade Zen for the AD, which creates demand to spend cash to buy Zen to buy AD. get it? But if there's nothing really good to buy with AD, why would the Zen-holders buy the AD? :)

    If im reading what you've said correctly then I have to disagree with you because as you might remember there was a time people wanted AD and cryptic killed it. Remember buying enchanted keys from AH? back then Zen was selling for under 300AD per zen and keys were selling for as low and 10K AD and everyone was happy.

    Then cryptic decided to make keys bound and suddenly people were selling far less ADs or only selling it for 500ADs. Why? the answer was simple and completely understandable. With keys now bound it limited the number of player that could now open and get items from the boxes thus making those items more rare at which point the price from them on the AH rose. Now that those box items are selling for far more then zen is, its now more profitable to just buy keys, open boxes and sell the items.

    Simple economics, you spend less real money and make more ADs.

    So if people are now buying less zen how could this have ever been a good idea? All it ever did was unbalance the economy. And we've never really recovered from that, it just forced people to find any way they could to earn more ADs so they could afford the ever increasing prices of items sold on the AH.

    And cryptic themselves are guilty of creating a bigger demand for ADs by lowering GMOP drops and giving more items that need them. Most of the in game AD sinks aren't used because they're ridiculously overpriced or they're items no one really wants or need and not worth spending the much needed ADs on.
  • killergilnyc1killergilnyc1 Member Posts: 175 Arc User
    all of the above
    Definitely more changes to come! The devs are not done with AD changes.
  • tyria501tyria501 Member Posts: 76 Arc User
    edited September 2015
    The vast majority of my AD gets sunk into the painfully slow grind to upgrade enchantments and artifacts. And in previous mods it was used to buy elusive armor sets. Because, who didn't get tired of trying to farm the longer dungeons like Spellplague and Dread Vault? (I loved those run but that did not make them any shorter, or make up for not landing rewards) With the current changes to AD from leadership which was my primary income, as converting zen to AD means having to give this company money, the characters I was previously working up for dungeons will not be making any forward progress until a new AD source, that does not come with risk of a ban or sudden get removed, is found.
  • obsiddiaobsiddia Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 958 Arc User
    Just spent a lot of my AD on GMOPs to upgrade my artifacts...
    So I don't die as much in the tougher (few remaining) dungeons.

    Wish I'd known about this before the weekend. I'd have sat on all
    of it until they removed the (no longer needed) AD sink that is GMOP.
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  • lirithiellirithiel Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,482 Arc User
    They don't need to remove GMoP - just make upgrading gear require less of them or add them to loot tables in dungeons. More importantly, they need to get rid of the silly idea of needing another of the same enchantment/runestone in the upgrading process.
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  • relativityrelativity Member Posts: 246 Arc User
    edited September 2015
    Remove AD costs from boons, ranking up gear, artifacts, enchantments, companions and we are good. It's just pick of - insert offensive word of your choice here - to take out nearly all AD income from Leadership and keep old AD expenses on all mentioned above stuff. Refining items still have old prices. Are you insane?
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  • blueagate4blueagate4 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    The only thing AD's are good for any more is for refinement purposes. It is ludicrous to charge 100,000 for a greater mark of potency only to prevent the player from being able to attain that greater mark of potency. What is the purpose now of doing the Leadership profession? What is the point of doing any of the professions as they do not net you anything that you can actually use for your characters. You can sell the stuff you make for reduced AD's but that gets old too.

    Cryptic you have hosed this game so badly with the release of elemental evil which made any epic gear useless. You have hosed characters that are useless to take back into the campaign areas now. My cleric, which was a strong character before the release of elemental evil is useless now. I cannot even really effectively keep teammates alive because the cool down is so ridiculously high. Your whole team can die within those 10 seconds. Don't even get me started on what you did to the Trickster Rogue! Now to get on to loot drops. The only thing most loot drops are good for is to sell. Which also leads to another issue. What good is having a lot of gold for if the professions are useless to continue doing? There really isn't much left to worry about for using gold other than for health potions. I never bothered with the other potions simply because you don't give players enough slots in the tray to equip them. The invocation issue has never really been addressed either. What was wrong with the way it was originally? You think making us invoke six times a day keeps players interested NOT!!! Not to mention the fact that the first time you log into the game for the day and begin to invoke you have to hit the alt key in order to actually go back and properly invoke. That has never been addressed even those there has been much written on it.

    I stopped playing this game after the release of elemental evil when I learned that none of my epic gear was worth anything. I went back to playing the game about three months ago before the release of the stronghold. I finally, with much grinding, got my OP to level 70, the only character fun to play with any more. I got my cleric to level 70 but as I said previously, she's useless now. Unless you are running with a huge team that has several healers a single cleric is useless. You have ruined this game for many players by forcing players to be with a large group. Even the stronghold is not geared for a small guild. Unfortunately I paid for the VIP for six months. At the end of those six months, I am in serious doubt whether I will continue with this game or not. I am truly disgusted with the way Neverwinter has done its player base.
  • cerberusxllcerberusxll Member Posts: 387 Arc User
    to improve/upgrade my characters.

    no other reason.
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  • ghoulz66ghoulz66 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 3,748 Arc User
    edited September 2015
    Why is PWE worried about me using leadership to in their opinion, *steal* their Zen? They created from the get-go and besides, I use most of it to buy transmutation, RP, and GMoP anyway... WHAT, THEY THINK I'M GOING TO BUY BLOOD RUBIES..!?
  • marcus1979marcus1979 Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    I used my ad for items i needed for my toon. Also to open up more guild bank space. There are things and i use that for a general term that i have to have ad for. I am not spending my hard earned real cash for this game just so they can change things again and again and waste my money. Its hard enough earning ad in this game and now they made it harder. Tell me do the idiots that make this even play it at all?
  • lothnorlothnor Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    I read a lot of comments on currency balance in game.
    Came here to forums as a long time player to just say
    when I play the game and get pissed I blame Marketing
    and then go back to playing. That way I do not have to think
    about statistics to reason out their reason for what they manipulate.
    One way or another we are going to dump our Hoard into Cryptics' Hoard.
    All in return for Power...lol reminds me of those #$@%
    Powies when ya get hit with the price..

    Peace Out Cryptic

  • pando83pando83 Member Posts: 2,560 Arc User
    IF the stuff we need to gear up would have reasonable drop rates and AD sinks would be reasonable then we wouldn't need AD.

    But the drop rate of GMOPs, the way you can get coal wards and the price, the insane AD sinks, everything forces you to basically buy stuff from AH cause if you wait, for example, to DROP the GMOPs, the marks, and the wards to create your enchants and upgrade them...good luck. Would not do it in 100 years playing the game.

    So you need AD for 1-2-3 but right now the AD income sources are quite low.

  • schweifer1982schweifer1982 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,662 Arc User

    You forget respec feats !

    I used it a lot but now my choices are lethal.
    Mod after mod they change somthing and you are almost forced to use it ones every mod .
    Somtimes even in one mod you must use it twice.
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  • angryspriteangrysprite Member Posts: 4,982 Arc User


    You forget respec feats !

    I used it a lot but now my choices are lethal.
    Mod after mod they change somthing and you are almost forced to use it ones every mod .
    Somtimes even in one mod you must use it twice.

    Really good point (though that falls under in-game sink) :)
  • psyb3rtr011psyb3rtr011 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 340 Arc User

    In game sinks. And they just added a crazy big one with Strongholds. Need gmops and coals to 'improve' my character (fixed cost set by Cryptic). OR just buy the rank 10+ stones on AH, which have those gmops and ward costs built into their price. The price of those things are in no way related to the amount of AD in circulation. If it costs 1mill to CREATE a rank-N stone, only an insane person would sell it for less than 1-mill !! It's like hamburgers at the fast-food joint and minimum wage. If labor+materials for creating the burger is X, the CHEAPEST it will ever be is a little more than X. Inflation (devalued currency due to circulation amount) is irrelevant.

    And I also challenge (nicely) your idea that you can be competitive by just 'playing the game' and getting your 24k AD per day in a reasonable amount of time. Just do the math on the enchants; you will be 'grinding' repeatable content for a greater amount of time than the item will be desireable (i.e. replaced by a new 'thing' in some future mod). There are tons of posts on this topic, not going to repeat here...

    ^^^What he said^^^

    I do not get hours a day to spend on this game or any game. I get enough time to do my Dailies for the current Mod, and Invocations for my 8 characters. By the time those are done, I have no time for Skirmishes, Dungeons or Forge content. Such is life.

    I used the Leadership to get AD for upgrading equipment and RP's, as well as collecting Companions for my Prime character. I used a total of 8 characters for this process, and two of them are still leveling Crafts at this time.

    After the previous changes, I noticed a severe drop in the AD per day I was able to generate, and did not complain. Why, because I was still able to get roughly 100K a character per week, which meant I was ALWAYS having a need for GMOPS for refinement, and had items on standby to upgrade, waiting for GMOP's. I still have mostly only level 9 & 10 Enchantments, only 3 level 11, a Perfect Holy Enchant and only one of my 3 personal (Sword, Belt and Shield) Artifacts at Legendary level. After 3 years of playing this character.

    I supplemented this slow and steady progress with buying Zen and using it for items on Sale, Keys and VIP. I spent a decent amount of money on the game over the last two years. Far more than the $15.00 a month that I would for a subscription game.

    Since my time constraints and hours of game access restrict my ability to run Dungeons, Skirmishes and Forge (Let alone PvP which I abhor and will not do), I will slog along, until they fix Crafting, especially Leadership, or a better game comes along. What I will not do, is spend another dime for the game, until they provide me a means for me to get a reasonable amount of AD to advance my character in game.

    AKA Cyber Troll and Euben Hadd
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