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We need a noticeboard in Protectors Enclave...

aganwayaganway Member Posts: 269 Arc User
Today (and yesterday) I have seen a stream of countless people in zone chat constantly asking about the Leadership change, also other changes, they are all very confused, not everyone even knows there IS a forum, I for one was one of those players who didn't know about the forum until long after I had started playing a year and a half ago. So I am seeing confused people constantly asking others in zone chat about what is with this or that and other players having to fill them in. It seems a bit strange that you have to search outside the game to find out what changes have taken place within it which fundamentally affect your daily gameplay. Would be a good idea to have a noticeboard somewhere in Protectors Enclave, maybe near the jobs boards, (or maybe outside the front of the emporium to keep it separate from the jobs boards, I dunno,) same set-up as the jobs boards, you go to it, click it, and a window comes up you can read. You could put all the patch notes and links to blogs in it, any and all information relating to changes in the game and anything players need to know to keep informed... that way people if they had any questions about shard maint times or changes to the game or what was done in a patch, could go to the one spot and everyone would be up to date and not confused. Initially people would still not know there even was a notice board and others would still have to tell them, but after a while it would become just another normal part of Protectors Enclave and easy to keep yourself informed. Please consider, it would work very well and makes sense.


  • santralafaxsantralafax Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,892 Arc User

    I just don't trust them to do it right.

  • angryspriteangrysprite Member Posts: 4,982 Arc User
    edited September 2015
    Ummmm.... every time you start the game you see the LAUNCHER.
    The LAUNCHER always warns when there will be a patch applied.
    The LAUNCHER NOTICE about a new patch being applied also has a link to PATCH NOTES.
    All anyone has to do is pay attention to the LAUNCHER NOTICE and click the PATCH NOTES link and voila!

    Seriously, a year and a half before you realized there is a forum? Okay, I can understand that. But no reason for any other kind of "notice" placed in-game. HOWEVER< they should make announcement on such changes as the AD Nerf in the initial "BUY THIS LOCKBOX/BUY ZEN/THROW MONEY AT US" Pop Up window on your first login.
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