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GF Bugs & Suggestions

colonelwingcolonelwing Member Posts: 1,448 Arc User
edited February 2015 in Bug Reports (PC)
- Anvil of doom, cannot hit a jumping target/a target that is not aligned with my own character
(i cannot hit somebody who is standing on, stairs)

- Plate agility, does not seem to grant 5% deflection but 2-3 %
(i doubt it is WAI)

- Block, does not always actually block, even though the shield is raised.
(the old block, was way more responsive. It also does not work against 'piercing damage'.)

- Griffon's wrath, automatically uses 2 charges.
(it should be 3 separated hits, since the CD is huge.)

- Knee breaker, can be used without having an actual target.
(this is confusing, it also applies to Griffon's wrath.)

- Jagged blades, is basically useless, since it is based on weapon damage. A GF has 800 weapon damage, 250% is roughly 2000 damage before the enemie's mitigation/deflect kicks in.
(This should be changed to a flat amount of damage in my opinion, since anything based on weapon dmg, regarding GF is a no-no.)

- Aggravating strike, the 'stepping forth' animation when there is no target close, has to go.
(all it does is exposing the GF's flanks, to what/whomever might be lurking around the corner)

- Steel defense, does not grant immunity against 'piercing damage' and if a GF gets CC'ed at the same time steel defense activates, it also does not grant immunity.
(the skill states it grants total damage immunity when using a daily.)

- Mark, completely stops to function, if one either gets killed and resurrects or gets CC'ed during the animation. (it should activate faster, to prevent the bug from occuring.)

- Knight's challenge, still ocassionally stops to function, mostly when getting CC'ed.
(a faster activation time, or CC immunity frame upon activation would solve the problem.)

- Lunging strike, sometimes stops midway to a target, due to terrain unalignments/a moving target.
(it would be great if it did function more like an actual teleport, rather than a physical 'jump' to prevent it from occuring. Slightly increasing the distance, would also semi-solve the issue ~ i.e. 70-75 feet, instead of 65.)

- Reckless attacker, the stacks wear off too quickly, especially noticable in PvP where certain classes can just dodge/kite until the stacks are gone.
(An increase in duration would semi-solve this problem)


Capstone feat suggestion:

Iron guard, this feat should activate upon -> receiving <- damage, instead of dealing damage, since it is the 'tank spec - tree' capstone.

Reckless attacker, this feat should activate upon -> dealing <- damage, instead of receiving damage, since it is the 'burst damage spec - tree' capstone.
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  • poisoncloudpoisoncloud Member Posts: 489 Arc User
    edited January 2015
    Let me add just this: getting same damage from knock backs, no matter whether the guard was up when hit or not.
  • makigutimakiguti Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited February 2015
    steel defense should last 5 secons but only lasts 3 even at most
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