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the silence is deafending- ACTUALLY IT'S GREAT NOT SEEING ZONE

kittykaboomboomkittykaboomboom Member Posts: 141 Arc User
edited January 2015 in Bug Reports (PC)
Since before the 15th(when I first reported it), i have had trouble with chat in NW , then in STO, CO seems ok.
The last couple of days, when I have logged in, I have noticed something strange.
NO Zone chat in Protectors Enclave, usually within a few seconds you have the usual gold sellers ads and the usual zone arguments..

Zero, nothing at all.
I checked if there were people on,- yes up to 75 instances.
Checked my chat settings- yes Zone is ticked as active.
Wrote in zone- works but no response.
checked all 3 games.
zone, looking for group, nw legit community- not registering
COX, Trade(from CO) working,

Zone, looking for group - not working. Trade despite being on my list , won't even go to the chat tab.
NW legit-working
COX- working
Trade, zone, cox, nw legit- all working

people have said when they try to Private message me, they get "This player has you on ignore", which since some of these people are on my friends list, is unlikely.
So it looks likes the PM bug which hits Champions people at random, has expanded to now put everyone on ignore so you hear nothing in certain channels .

The PM bug, tells anyone trying to use a PM or mail to that person that they are on ignore, when they aren't.
Someone managed to mail me in NW with the message that they saw my comment on NW legit but got told I had them on ignore. So it seems to be Zone, LFG and a custom channel which are being affected.
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