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Some minor bugs

reiwulfreiwulf Member Posts: 2,687 Arc User
edited March 2015 in Bug Reports (PC)
There are some minor bugs that I haven't seen others mention, so I'll post them. They're not game breaking or anything but still I hope they cat fixed.
I'm a male wood elf and I changed my appearance to the new models yesterday. When I use the courtesan's wear, I get a double clipping chin. I have my chin and down my neck there's anither floating chin piece, probably from the older model. It looks really weird, so I hope this can be fixed.
Also I tried doing teh spellplague tower quest, and in the spellplague, the last 3 rotating statues (the ones where you have to put the items too) rotate the wrong way, they start laying down in mid air and then they appear correctly. It doesn't change much other than it looks funny though, the quest can be completed with no troubles.
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  • vordaynvordayn Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,283 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    Bug: I'm still getting this double chin

    I'm a male DC, and whenever I put on a chain shirt, I get this double chin clipping effect.

    I've submitted bug reports multiple times, but it just hasn't gotten fixed yet, nor have I received any replies.

    Without chain shirt:

    With chain shirt:
    The adam's apple seems to be rotated clockwise (anteriorly in 3D), and the chin follows suit.
    I'm currently using the ornate chain shirt.

    I've tried altering my appearance with the change appearance token (changing facial types, neck length, head scaling etc), but to no avail. I also tried different chain shirts off the auction house, but they all have the same double-chin effect.
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