"Brand New" and revised A1-The Apprentice. Ready for reviews.

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Hi Everybody

A few days ago , I was paid a visit by my sister and her Autistic son (my nephew) somehow (while I was doing something) He sat at my computer and started deleting everything I had on the screen. He utterly destroyed the Original version of A1- The Apprentice....and nearly deleted two other foundries of mine...after repairing the damage to the others, I turned my attention to A1-The Apprentice and it was gone completely "I didn't even know that was possible" Anyhow I had to remake the entire foundry from scratch all over again and I just finished it today the New and improved(I think) version is now available for reviews...Short Code: NW-DPQO8844Y The title is the same A1-The Apprentice.

Thanks for your interest

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