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who's game aint working right now

pakatapoespakatapoes Member Posts: 72 Arc User
edited August 2013 in General Discussion (PC)
my game aint working right now
in the morning it was working ,I login pray get my AD's and logout
went to work ,after 4 hours I came back home click on ARC it popup and then click play of NW
to my suprise no launcher of NW
uninstall game and ARC 2 times and still no launcher
thats why I am asking who's game dont work,looks like after the new patch we have a bunch of problems do you agree or not
by not working I mean you cant login
and my game is still not working and no answer from the team
they say its the ARC,I like my launcher on my desktop not in some preupload thing
I think is the ARC too,what do you think
I have other games on my comp.they work just fine and every thing else
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