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This game isn't pay to win at all

bananamannbananamann Member Posts: 18 Arc User
edited June 2013 in General Discussion (PC)
It's pay-to-spend-less-time-grinding (like it should be). You can literally buy every item in the ZEN market without spending a dime. How? Why, by converting AD to ZEN of course!
But wait! You can only make 24k AD a day, max!
That's true...if you're just doing dailies to refine rough diamonds...but that's pretty stupid. I've made 50k+ a day doing nothing but vending in the Auction House. It's so easy to make craploads of AD when the market is so saturated. You guys should learn to vend and then you'd realize you can buy top-tier ZEN stuff like mounts and whatnot in like a week.

You literally only need 200k or so starting AD and about 20 minutes a day.
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