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Righteousness, Clerics, and future leader classes.

dominemesisdominemesis Member Posts: 269 Arc User
So my question is this: Is righteousness here to stay? If so will this curse be applied to all future leader classes as well?

As it stands Cleric healing is pretty lackluster. Before the patch, it was all pretty much about AS, now that this ability has been nerfed hard, the other worthless healing tools aren't making up the difference, and to add insult to injury, and for no good reason, clerics have the pointlessly punishing righteousness debuff as a class feature FFS.

If you fix everything else that is wrong with clerics, I still wouldn't bother playing one as long as righteousness exists. That just needs to go away, and if it or something like it should become standard on any leader class that heals, then I won't be playing those either. Seriously this is ridiculous.

If it is a PVP issue, just please balance PVP separate from the rest of the game. It is a no win, impossible, WOW can't even do it, Kobayashi Maru situation to try to balance pvp and pve in class based RPGs period.

So I am imploring you Cryptic, please buff cleric healing and abandon Righteousness so that clerics are worth playing. Thanks.
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