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So any word on new paragon paths coming soon?

dominemesisdominemesis Member Posts: 269 Arc User
edited June 2013 in General Discussion (PC)
I ask just in general, but as a CW I feel like Spellstorm mage is very very lackluster. All of the paragon powers it grants, except maybe Storm Spell well completely suck.

Storm Fury - No one ever takes

Sudden Storm - Doesn't crit, has a short and narrow area of effect and still seems buggy

Storm Pillar - Was worthless before patch, moreso after.

Storm Spell - the least sucky, but not especially epic either power granted.

Maelstrom of Chaos - Generally not taken as there are other better options, it doesn't provide significant control or damage not better handled by other options.

Eye of the Storm - Previously perceived as the gem of the paragon class features, but I just finished reading an analysis that since it only procs about 5% of the time, it really is actually the worst. Also if you have crit stat then it renders that stat useless while it procs, and then does nothing, so it has poor synergy with a CW's crit stat.

So I am really hoping we can get this either overhauled or a different, more synergistic paragon path, especially since the CW is already all about ice and arcane. Why make a paragon path that completely deviated and went with lightning thus ruining the feat and theme synergy as well? I have got to believe this could be done better.

I don't know if it is like this for other classes since my CW is my main and the only class I am interested in until the new ranged one comes out, so I am really hoping some new paragon paths come out soon that are better. Thanks.
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