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New Foundry Assets on Preview

badbotlimitbadbotlimit Member, NW_CrypticDev, Cryptic Developer Posts: 175 Cryptic Developer
Hey Gang,
Not sure if you have noticed but there are a good number of new assets in the Foundry. A lot of these are direct requests from you!!

Here is the list
Market Place Tent 04
Market Place Tent 03
Market Place Tents 02
Market Place Tents 01
Small rocking raft
Small rocking row boat.
Raft boat.
Small Boat, Rowboat.
Ship Sailing Vessel Large Damaged No Sails.
Ship Sailing Vessel Large 01
Orc Fort Shrine
Orc Fort Fence
Orc Fort Gate
Barn door.
Old red barn.
Pirate Throne setup
Small Shipwreck
Large Shipwreck
Pirate broken boat dwelling.
Pirate Boss Arena
Spellplague Large Glowing Crack 02
Spellplague Large Glowing Crack 01
Spellplague Twisted Rock 03
Spellplague Twisted Rock 02
Spellplague Twisted Rock Arch 01
Spellplague Twisted Rock 01
Rock Henge 02
Rock Henge 01
Rock Henge 03

Illusionary Walls (Walls that dissolve away when approached by player):

Illusionary Wooden Planks
Illusionary Dungeon Maze Wall 25ft
Illusionary Dungeon Maze Wall 20ft
Illusionary Dungeon Maze Wall 10ft
Illusionary Dungeon Rubble Large Corner
Illusionary Stone Wall 01
Illusionary Crypt Wall 01
Illusionary Protector's Enclave Wall
Illusionary Rock Platform 01
Illusionary Rock Platform 02
Illusionary Rock Platform 03
Illusionary Brick Wall 01
Illusionary Cave Boulder 01
Illusionary Cave Boulder 02
Illusionary Cave Boulder 03
Illusionary Wooden Wall 01

Market Place 01
Orc Fort
Old Farm.
Pirate Throne Cluster
Large Shipwreck
Pirate Broken Boat Dwelling
Pirate Boss Arena Cluster
Spellplauge Twisted Rock Cluster
Battle Debris 04
Battle Debris 03
Battle Debris 02
Battle Debris 01
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