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Beware Peanut Labs is a scam, they cheated me out of 7k zen

dominemesisdominemesis Member Posts: 269 Arc User
edited May 2013 in General Discussion (PC)
I completed offers through Peanutlabs for a Discover card worth 5355 zen, and one with Creditreport.com worth 1260. I completed both offers, and I received email confirmation of both, but I never received the zen. That is almost $60 worth of Zen I am due. I reported it on the earn zen offers page itself where it lets you report an issue, but initially it tells you to give it 24 hours, I reported this again after waiting that long. Then I also opened tickets in both cases, forwarding the confirmation emails from Discover and Creditreport.com showing that I had completed the offers. 72 hours later I received the following useless response from Peanutlabs;

"<Removed per RoC>"

Now just a few days ago I posted in the forum about how I was having pretty good luck with Peanutlabs, but after this I retract all of it. If this is how they handle their side of business when a customer completes their offers and submits proof to them, then this is just a scam, and by association it calls into question PWE for working with them. I can only advise that everyone keep away from the Earn Zen section that uses Peanutlabs unless you want to get burned. I would strongly recommend PWE have a conversation with Peanutlabs about how it resolves issues, because it will cost PWE customers as well.


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