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Game freezes during new zone loading

crystark1crystark1 Member Posts: 3 Arc User
edited May 2013 in Bug Reports (PC)

Here's a glich i come accross each time i load an area that i have never loaded before : for instance, skirmishes and dungeons when run for the first time.

During the area loading process, the game starts patching to fetch new data (i guess the actual area). Well almost each time, my game freezes (the spinning thingy up left stops spinning). Once it finally ublocks itself, the game just crashes. I don't know why. Maybe cause i've been kicked from the instance because it took 5 minutes to get in ?

Here's the case that's happening to me right now:

First launch of the "Straight to helm" skirmish. Started patching 10 files (load bar is around 50%)... after approx 3 minutes, the game crashes. I've seen this in the past and it's often when the loading process unlocks itself (goes to 90%).

I relauched the game. I'm now loading "The Straight to helm" instance as i'm still considered as part of it. Loading process started back at 90% and frose... 6 files to patch. It's been like 5 minutes already and i'm going crazy.

No download is actually occuring as i can see through my download speed monitoring.

Note: Game client is taking like 50-60% of the CPU and 685 Mo RAM
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