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Gotta admit, this game is pretty awesome!

dominemesisdominemesis Member Posts: 269 Arc User
edited May 2013 in General Discussion (PC)
Full retraction, had stars in my eyes at time of posting. Mishandling of bugs throughout all of beta, launching the game with all those bugs still, and Gauntlgrym being unplayable 2 days after launch (WTH did Cryptic do during the betas, both closed and open?), bored of content after only a month of play (WTH did Cryptic do in all that development time since 2010?), only 4 classes (one with 2 builds) and out of all of them, only 1 of which I actually found any interest in playing except even that is curtailed by so many broken elements (Control Wizard). I have completely u-turned on my previously positive opinion of this game and my faith in Cryptic.

You guys launched 5 MMO's prior to this, and 4th Edition D&D was the PNP version mechanically of essentially City of Heroes, so this should have been a freebie for you guys, instead you've only disappointed.
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