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Lemmie start off by stating that IRL i got a full plate right now & may have missed an announcement.
My question is
How come i am able to log in?
I am not a founder nor did i use any friends key.
Yet here is my rogue with a brand new fail cloak :D


I only decided to try it for s**** & giggles & was kinda surprised.
I did not look on the warrior & honestly i don't really feel like playing atm, just wanted to let ya know.

EDIT: 2 min. after posting, as i was laying down to sleep it dawned on me why & how this could've happened. Here it is in layman's terminology since i am not that geek speak savvy...

1) Just before the shard was opened, Founder's Capes were sent to everyone.

2) Noticing heightened latency by staff & users alike, it was soon found that the cause of these lags were due to the fact that Founders Capes were sent not only to just founders but to every account.
Since non-founders did not have access, the sending of the capes could not complete, ie; there was nowhere for the remainder of data to go & thus choked up your shard.

3) Since the shard was already open, your hotfix was to open access for every account, permitting the completion of data to be transferred ie; the mail has now been sent.

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