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HB PvP - After Dark

syfylissyfylis Member, Neverwinter Beta Users, Silverstars Posts: 0 Arc User
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PvP - After Dark

This time i'm goin to play with your heads, well some of your senses.

So what kind of PvP is "After Dark"? It's a pvp that is based on your senses and logic thinking. The way it works is like deathmatch in assassin creed with some changes. It's max 6 players match Free For All or 3v3 battle. We respawn on a map full of illusions of us and other players and we get points for killing them .
So we have a map with lots of illusion of all players, these illusions can walk around, use items, drink beer in pub etc. What player have to do is find a real enemies and kill them.

Player skills:
1st [LMB] - Kill: it's a simple atack that kills targeted enemy so one hit = kill
2nd [RMB] - Mark: You can mark a target for 7 seconds
3rd - Smoke: You drop a smoke bomb that allow you to runaway and hide
4th - Control: Allow you to take control over illusion for 15sec to taunt enemy and mark it. Your own body is not moving then
5th Balor Eyes: Player can see all enemies but enemies can see him also
6th Unique: You can choose one of 3 skills.
- Swap: you can change place with illusion / cooldown 60 sec
- Voices: passive skill that allow you to hear whispers when enemy is close. Volume depends on how close the enemy is
- Shadow: Make you invisible for 7 seconds but you can't move or atack / cooldown 60 sec

Some rules:
- time limit 25 min FFA , 30min 3v3
- highest score wins
- on 3v3 team points are added together
- on 3v3 allies can see target you marked
- killing enemy give 5 points
- killing illusion on FFA you loose 2 points
- killing illsuion on 3v3 battle give 2 points to enemy team
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