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Workshop Bug (Sahha Ball)

I have encountered a bug in the Workshop while making a Sahha Ball. I set my artisan to make 3 sailcloths after the first 2 were finished the artisan stopped I checked the Workshop counter and the material field was emty. After a Support Ticket investigation the materials were consmed after each sailcloth was finished. I tested a theory I went to the Workshop bought 4 leather had an artisan make the leather visor while the Collection Box is full with one space open. When I had the artisan set to make 1 visor the materials from the 4 leather was reduced to 2 leather. I bought 2 more leather to make 4 leather and set the artisan to continuing making until materials arre exhausted. When the artisan made the visor while the Collection Box was full with one space open continuing the project the materials for the next visor were consmed upon completion without a 2 visor being made.The artisan continues the project and consumes materials even though there is no space to continue in.


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