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Seal of Dragon gear is BtC even when buying for alts

nativerock9015#2463 nativerock9015 Member Posts: 102 Arc User
edited December 2022 in Bug Reports (Xbox One)
I don't know if its intentional or a bug but I bought one of my alts the dragon seal arms using the look at other classes.went to the wizard bought the arms and they bound to my character a cleric healer, the shirts and pants are BtA so I don't understand why the main gear is BtC only. I've always bought my other characters gear from the seal vendor using my main character. So now I can't. What is the point as my cleric has what she needs. With an army of alts that are only really used for stronghold quests but I may progress them in the future. It would be good to have the ability to be able to buy seal gear for them as I and many others have always done in the past.
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  • milehighxr#1299 milehighxr Member Posts: 450 Arc User
    It would be nice to hear from them on this, as it is very difficult to get into random qs on my DPS class toons if I don't spend 30min creating my own group. The qs usually run faster than that.
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