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Reroll tokens and Chests

amascus#1899 amascus Member Posts: 101 Arc User
@Devs, I believe something is not right with reroll tokens. When re-rolling often the chest loot literally does not change at all, not the amount of rough AD , gems etc.. I could believe the gems and what not 4 or 5 rolls in a row but the amount of AD not changing by even 1 AD is outside of the realm of probability and this happens quite often. Please have a look to make sure everything is as intended and did not get smacked during one of the updates.


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    nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,498 Cryptic Developer
    Hello! Is this happening with the chests in all dungeons or just certain ones? Does it happen consistently? Thanks!
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    armadeonxarmadeonx Member Posts: 4,952 Arc User
    I've not seen this yet.
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    alchemistxiiialchemistxiii Member Posts: 42 Arc User
    I can say i get this too, no changes in any dungeon chests repeatedly-No change in AD or anything else
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    powerpuff#6508 powerpuff Member Posts: 212 Arc User
    I've seen this happen as well - not dungeon or trial or skirmish specific
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    amascus#1899 amascus Member Posts: 101 Arc User
    I have not been playing as much lately but it happens quite consistently for me in Demogorgan and in VoS since they are the only places I reroll for the most part.
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    seekey#7769 seekey Member Posts: 179 Arc User
    I've also seen this happening in various dungeons
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    olocancom#0595 olocancom Member Posts: 94 Arc User
    Infernal Citadel (free chest) and Demogorgon (both chests) are the two I see it happen the most. And VoS loot table is just disappointing for the amount of effort it takes to complete.
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    melotai#0794 melotai Member Posts: 281 Arc User
    I have seen this in various places, the only place where it has affected my game play is in demogorogon. Basically, the few times I completed this one in RTQ I got essentially nothing and the rerolls did nothing so now I just skip it without even trying on the basis of there is no point to it if I can get the same or better treasure literally from anywhere else without as much effort or time.
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    ukspawnukspawn Member Posts: 426 Arc User
    Seen this happen in a number of dungeons/trials. Demogorgon is notorious for it though.
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